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Accident Attorney: What Is Driver Negligence and Care of Duty?

Drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicle responsibly and in accordance with the law. They owe a ‘care of duty’ to respect the rules of the road. If they don’t follow the rules and obey the law, then they’re negligent. Negligence leads to accidents, which can lead to legal issues. If you have been [...]

Your Guide to Getting the Most in a Car Accident Lawsuit

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in the St. Petersburg area, regardless of how severe the incident was, you likely have suffered in some way. Whether that’s facing expensive medical bills and injuries, missing work, or suffering emotionally, you deserve the proper compensation to offset the costs the incident has caused [...]

Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Personal Injury Law Firm

When you have been in an accident and need the assistance of a legal professional, you need to hire an attorney at a personal injury law firm to help you. However, you do not want to simply hire the first name you come across after a quick search. You need to put a bit of [...]

Ask a Motorcycle Accident Attorney: What Causes Accidents?

In the St. Petersburg area, we have almost year-round sunshine, which allows people to spend time enjoying the outdoors. Many recreational bikers enjoy the ability to hop on their bike and hit the road just about any time of year in Florida. As a result of that increase in drivers, there is also an increase [...]

What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident Injury

Florida leads the nation when it comes to motorcycle accident injuries. Due to their size, motorcycles are much harder to see than vehicles. Drivers in St. Petersburg should be extra alert for motorcycles on the road, especially on the highway. Unfortunately, when motorcycles and motor vehicles go head to head, it is the motorcyclist left [...]

How the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney Helps You Recover

In Florida, we are blessed with beautiful weather for almost the entire year, which means bikers can spend lots time on the open road. Unfortunately, when bikers and motorists share the road, there are bound to be accidents. Hiring the best motorcycle accident attorney in St. Petersburg can help you navigate the ins and outs [...]

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Injury Attorney

After an accident, you may be left reeling. Your bike is totaled, you may have injuries, and now you have to deal with insurance and any other drivers involved. To get the help you need and to get the best chance at receiving the compensation you deserve, contact the best motorcycle injury attorney in Tampa [...]

K LAW: When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcyclists and operators of motor vehicles have the same rights to Florida’s roadways. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles' motto, "Share the Road," extends to every legally licensed driver. The responsibilities are similar, too — you learn the rules, put them into practice, and always drive defensively. Unfortunately, not every car and [...]

Why You Need a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer in St. Petersburg

An auto accident is nearly a daily occurrence on the roads of St. Petersburg and if you ride a motorcycle, you are at a higher risk for injuries. Injuries from a collision can seriously impact your life and how you go about it, which is why a motorcycle injury lawyer may be right for you. [...]

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents commonly occur in Tampa, and when they do, it is crucial that you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you with the case. Unlike regular accidents involving motor vehicles, there is an increased potential for fatal injuries when a motorcycle is involved. This is because cyclists are not surrounded by any sort [...]

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