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Personal Injury Attorney Tips for Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents happen every day. Whether it is multiple cars that collide or a biker that fails to brake and hits a pedestrian, Tampa Bay Florida is not immune to pedestrian accidents. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the number of pedestrians killed in traffic increased eleven percent in 2016 to almost 6,000. Another nearly 80,000 [...]

Smooth Sailing with a Boating Accident Attorney

Much like our roads and highways, a series of laws and regulations ensure the safe navigation of Florida's waterways. State law does not require a license for boat operation, however the law requires you to register your boat. This means that just about anyone can get behind the wheel. Because Florida has more than 1,200 [...]

What is No-Fault Insurance in Florida?

For a majority of drivers on Florida roads today, the chances of being involved in an auto accident are pretty good. Unfortunately, for most people, being involved in an auto accident causes feelings of shock, anger, anxiety and fear. Inevitably on the first statements that is repeated over and over by insurance adjusters and some police officers almost immediately is “Florida is a no-fault insurance state.”

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