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Everything You Need for a Lost Wages Claim in St. Pete

If you were in an accident and you were injured, you may be looking for a way to recover compensation for the damages. Many people in St. Pete miss work after an accident because of their injuries. The results of a crash are unfortunate and unforeseen, and can cause serious financial detriment for the victims. [...]

Personal Injury Attorneys, Plaintiffs, and More: Who’s Involved in a Case

If you are pursuing a lawsuit in Bradenton, many people will be involved in your case throughout the duration. From personal injury attorneys to plaintiffs to insurance companies, here are the major players you can expect. The Plaintiff The plaintiff is an individual or individuals who bring forth a complaint or lawsuit against another person [...]

How Much Will A Car Accident Attorney Cost?

A car accident attorney in Bradenton will charge clients in one of two ways:  an hourly billing rate or a contingency fee. We’ll go over both forms of payment in the article below. Contingency Fees A contingency fee is when your car accident attorney is paid only if they’re able to retain money on your [...]

The K LAW Guide to Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

As St. Petersburg's premier auto accident, wrongful death, and personal injury attorney, we are offering advice on how to narrow down your search for the best personal injury lawyer in the area. Questions to Ask Family and Friends You need the advice of a personal injury attorney because you have been injured, but you are [...]

How to Choose from Many Personal Injury Law Firms in Tampa

If you have ever driven on I-4 or I-275, you know there are many personal injury law firms in Tampa from all of the billboards and advertisement signs along the road. If you are injured, you need to find the most reliable attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve for your suffering and [...]

3 Things Every Accident Attorney Wants You To Know

Every accident attorney in St. Petersburg wishes their clients knew certain things about the law, how cases work, and what that means for the entire process. 1. We Can’t Rewrite History If the incident was your fault and all of the evidence gathered blatantly reflects that there is no way for us to change the [...]