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When is an Auto Accident Attorney Necessary?

With well over 17 million licensed drivers on Florida roads, the odds of being involved in an accident at some point or other are not in our favor. In fact, 2016 saw nearly 400,000 car crashes! Furthermore, the state reported approximately 3,000 fatalities. Unfortunately, numbers like these are only going to increase with Florida's consistent [...]

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Searching for a St. Petersburg Auto Accident Attorney?

The Florida Highway Strategic Plan addresses safety issues on our roads. Implemented by the Florida Department of Transportation, the 2016 plan encompasses statistics, historical information, and ideas for the future, from a multitude of safety-minded metropolitan planning organizations. The goal: fatality-free Florida thoroughfares. It is an idealistic vision, perhaps, and we all know that we [...]

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Settlement Factors Determined By Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim in the St. Petersburg area, you may be curious as to how much your case could be worth. It is difficult to predict the outcome accurately in terms of a dollar figure due to the many unique factors in any given [...]

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