In the St. Petersburg area, we have almost year-round sunshine, which allows people to spend time enjoying the outdoors. Many recreational bikers enjoy the ability to hop on their bike and hit the road just about any time of year in Florida. As a result of that increase in drivers, there is also an increase in accidents. In fact, our state sees one of the highest numbers of motorcyclists in the nation. Should you ever find yourself in a bind, knowing a motorcycle accident attorney you can trust to take care of you is important. Additionally, it is important to know the most common causes of crashes and other incidents so that you can actively avoid them while enjoying the open roads.

Bad Road Conditions

One of the primary causes of wipeouts and rear-ends, amongst other incidents, is because of poor driving conditions. This is especially true for motorcyclists, who are already less visible on the road than other vehicles like cars and trucks. If it is raining or storming, which it often does during the summer in St. Petersburg, you may want to hold off on taking your bike out. Additionally, road work and construction are often responsible for distracted drivers and accidents, so avoid routes undergoing changes.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving is becoming more and more prevalent in areas like St. Petersburg with the increased incorporation of technology into every aspect of our lives. Whether it is using the GPS on your phone, adjusting the music playing, or simply looking over at your passenger, looking away from the road even for a second can lead to an accident. Motorcyclists have lower visibility and are often victims of car crashes because of this. A motorcycle accident attorney may be able to help prove a driver was at fault for the incident.


It is not uncommon for motorcyclists in St. Petersburg to share a single lane with other bikers due to the fact that their bikes take up far less room than a car and often, they are riding together. However, this is dangerous because, while they do take up less space than a car, they still take up enough room that the motorcyclists may drive too closely together and overcompensate by swerving into another lane. This puts them at a higher risk of danger to other vehicles on the road. Additionally, many bikers cut across white lane lines to swerve in and out of other vehicles to get around them, which often leads to disastrous results.

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Many other reasons like failing to check blind spots, overcompensating on the brakes, and drunk drivers can lead to the need for a motorcycle accident attorney in the St. Petersburg area. If the events play out in a way that leads to accidents or injuries, call K LAW, PLLC right away. As a driver, whether in a car or on a Harley, you have certain rights. We fight for our client’s rights and work hard to get them the compensation they deserve after an injury or property damage.

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