Were You Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident in the Pensacola, Florida area?

One of the most common types of premises liability cases are claims arising out of “slip and fall accidents” and “trip and fall accidents.” These cases occur when individuals fall on premises owned by another person or company and have an enormous impact on millions of individuals each year.

It has been reported that 9,000,000 slip and fall accidents occur each year or approximately 25,000 falls a day. Approximately 95,000,000 work days are lost due to slip and falls and trip and falls. These accidents result in approximately $3.5 million in lost revenue per hour. Of course, these statistics do not begin to illustrate the significant impact on individuals who have been severely injured due to Slip and Fall accidents. Simply put, these injuries often can alter the injured person’s entire life. They can cause the loss of employment, the loss of mobility, enormous medical bills, and permanent pain and suffering and disability.

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Slip and fall accidents are far too common. Remember to always file a report (and receive copy) with the place of business or property manager, obtain photos and seek medical care if needed.

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