Landlords, property owners, and homeowners are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for anyone who comes onto the property. Therefore, if you slip and fall because of a wet concrete floor, it wasn’t your fault – the owner did not exercise due diligence. A slip and fall accident attorney will tell you that the courts will compute comparative negligence – that is, was the victim partially to blame, in some way, for what happened? Most cases, however, will result in some level of financial compensation. Lisa A. Kennedy of K LAW, PLLC is a St. Petersburg personal injury attorney with a track record of successful accident resolution. In other words, she’ll fight to get you the highest compensation for your pain and suffering.

Why Consult a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney?

Under any circumstances, a fall can be devastating. Several types of accidents fall under the legal umbrella term slip and fall. The most common, of course, is an injury caused by slipping on liquid carelessly left on a floor, sidewalk, stairs, parking lot or another surface. In cold climates, patches of untreated ice often cause accidents (ice, of course, isn’t an issue in St. Petersburg!) A trip and fall occurs when someone stumbles over something in their path, or on an uneven surface. The cause could be a bunched-up rug or an errant children’s toy. Least common, but no less devastating, is the step and fall. Missing stairs, high curbs or potholes might be the culprits.

In a slip and fall, your feet go out from under you. The way you land can result in everything from a bruised hip to severe back injury; spinal injuries are all too common in such accidents. In a trip and fall, or step and fall, you’re most likely going to fall forward. Hand, wrist and arm injuries are common. Your slip and fall accident attorney should be your second phone call – after you seek medical attention. Some injuries don’t show themselves right away; your doctor knows the symptoms.

Documenting your St. Petersburg Case

It’s important to record the incident as well as you can, as quickly as you can. If you’re able, use your phone’s camera to photograph the scene. That puddle won’t be there forever; someone will eventually move the thing you tripped over. Have a companion take the pictures if you can’t. Also, if anyone saw it happen, get their names and contact information. Therefore, you’ll have witnesses should it come down to your word against that of the property owner. Most large St. Petersburg stores, restaurants, and other businesses fill out mandatory accident reports for any incident occurring on their premises. Obtain a copy; it’s your legal right. Consult slip and fall accident attorney Lisa A. Kennedy; she’ll get things organized and prepare a game plan.

An Accident Attorney with An Inside Track

After spending 13 years a claims adjuster for State Farm, Lisa Kennedy learned the insurance game from the inside out. As a slip and fall accident attorney, this insider understanding helps her in determining how the other party’s insurance company will likely react to your claim. She knows the terminology and the lengths to which they will go to deny or minimize compensation. Subsequently, Ms. Kennedy can counter-attack before they get started. In other words, your St. Petersburg accident case is in the very best hands with K LAW, PLLC. We also have offices in Tampa and Orlando.

As a result of someone else’s negligence, you might suffer some unacceptable burdens. Medical or surgical costs, for one; perhaps even permanent disability or physical limitations. Lost wages, of course, for your time in recovery. Emotional pain and suffering, for you and your family. At the very least, a reduced quality of life. There’s so much to enjoy about St. Petersburg, between the sunshine and the clean Gulf air. If those pleasures are denied you because of someone else’s negligence, call a slip and fall accident attorney right away. Call K LAW, PLLC in St. Petersburg.

Your first consultation with our slip and fall accident attorney at K LAW is free – we intend to aggressively pursue your case and get you that to which you’re entitled! Call or contact us at 727-201-8444 today for slip/fall, auto accident, and bicycle/pedestrian accident cases.