The U.S. Department of Transportation’s bicycle accident statistical numbers are not encouraging. According to the department’s Federal Highway Administration, approximately 48,000 bicyclists suffer injuries each year on American roads; also, there are more than 800 annual fatalities. Consequently, as our population increases, so too will traffic accidents. And when a bicycle comes in direct contact with an automobile or truck, weight and velocity always win out. The bike – and the person in the seat – loses every time. Safety, coupled with common sense, should always be the chief concern on our St. Petersburg roadways; when safety takes a back seat, however, it’s time to call a bicycle accident attorney.

The Doctor, Then the Bicycle Accident Attorney

Naturally, your first order of business, if your bike is involved in a traffic mishap, is to seek medical attention. Take care of yourself immediately. Many internal injuries do not show immediate symptoms. Therefore, even if you feel as if you got out of it unscathed, see a doctor. Even a simple bruise can mask a more serious, underlying injury. As your bicycle accident attorney, Lisa A. Johnson of K LAW, PLLC will insist that you’ve been thoroughly checked out by a medical professional. Taking chances is not the way you do business, is it? She feels the same way. Nothing is more important than your health.

Protect Yourself on The Road

Like every other city in America, St. Petersburg bicyclists must share the roads with cars and trucks. There are certain common-sense rules for bike riders: Wear a helmet, know the rules of the road and ride defensively. Of course, even the most safety-conscious St. Petersburg bicyclist must sometimes have to contend with drivers who either don’t know that bikes are on the roads, too, or don’t care. When it comes to the law, however, your bicycle accident attorney will make sure they’re paying attention.

Been in an Accident? Remember These Steps

It’s important to keep these few things to keep in the back of your mind if you’re a bicyclist. If it’s possible, take photos at the scene. Additionally, if anyone saw what happened, you might ask them to document things with their camera phone. Ask them for their contact information even if they aren’t carrying a phone – as witnesses, they could be invaluable as your case proceeds. Finally, after you’ve had your medical exam – remember, do it quickly – that’s the time to call a bicycle accident attorney.

K LAW Advantage in St. Petersburg

Insurance companies are hard-wired to turn down your claim. They’re skeptics by design; pictures of your shattered bicycle, even your very visible injuries, won’t always sway them. The burden is likewise on you to establish which party was at fault. Nevertheless, with Lisa Kennedy and K LAW, PLLC as your bicycle accident attorney, you’ll have a distinct advantage. Since Ms. Kennedy was a longtime claims adjuster for State Farm Insurance, she knows the tricks of that particular trade. She’s well-versed in the ways insurance companies cast aspersions and doubt; she knows every hoop they’ll jump through to avoid paying you proper compensation. She is the most insurance-savvy personal injury lawyer in St. Petersburg.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Conceivably, you could suffer a permanent disability or certain physical limitations. You and your family should receive compensation for your pain and suffering. And your quality of life – the things you enjoy, and the way you enjoy them – could be compromised through the negligence of another. Whether it’s a child innocently biking around St. Petersburg, or a professional cross-country cyclist out for a marathon ride, bicycle riders will come perilously close to cars. Whether they co-exist safely is almost exclusively the choice of the vehicle driver. Should they drive negligently, carelessly, or recklessly, with resulting injury to the cyclist, a good bicycle accident attorney will take the case by the handlebars and steer it to a successful resolution. K LAW, PLLC is at 4326 Central Ave. in St. Petersburg. Call or contact K LAW, PLLC at (727) 201-8444 to get the help you deserve today!