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Accident Attorney: What Is Driver Negligence and Care of Duty?

Drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicle responsibly and in accordance with the law. They owe a ‘care of duty’ to respect the rules of the road. If they don’t follow the rules and obey the law, then they’re negligent. Negligence leads to accidents, which can lead to legal issues. If you have been [...]

Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Personal Injury Law Firm

When you have been in an accident and need the assistance of a legal professional, you need to hire an attorney at a personal injury law firm to help you. However, you do not want to simply hire the first name you come across after a quick search. You need to put a bit of [...]

Why You Need a Dog Bite Injury Attorney – Quickly!

Being attacked by an unattended husky or pit bull is an unexpected, unwanted, and shocking situation for anyone in St. Petersburg. This exact scenario happens every day in the United States, though. If you have been the victim of an animal injury, you need a dog bite injury attorney right away! How Can a Dog [...]

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