Whether you are a dog lover, more of a cat person, or tend to avoid animals whenever you can, they are wild creatures, and there is always a risk when near them. Being bitten is a serious matter, as animals can spread diseases like rabies or bacteria that can cause serious infection. If you have been involved in an incident with a canine, you need to consider hiring a dog bite injury lawyer for the following reasons:

1. Compensation for Medical Expenses

As many St. Petersburg residents know, even with insurance, medical treatment and visits to the doctor (especially emergency clinics) can be expensive. Why should you have to spend your hard-earned money because of an unavoidable incident that happened through no fault of your own? You should not. Someone needs to be responsible for covering the costs of your injuries and the medical treatments that they elicit. With the guidance of a dog bite injury lawyer, you can be sure that the responsible party will pay up.

2. Preventing Harm From Coming to Others

There are millions of unreported animal bites every year, and each case means there is an animal on the loose that is vicious and a threat to anyone it encounters. Not only should you seek a dog bite injury lawyer to receive compensation for your troubles, but they can help make sure that no one else in St. Petersburg is harmed by that animal in the future.

3. Getting Justice with a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

With around 4.7 million Americans affected every year by canine bites and less than 1% of those receiving compensation for their injuries, there is no question as to why a dog bite injury lawyer is necessary. To receive compensation and justice, hiring a professional in St. Petersburg is the smart move.

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