With well over 17 million licensed drivers on Florida roads, the odds of being involved in an accident at some point or other are not in our favor. In fact, 2016 saw nearly 400,000 car crashes! Furthermore, the state reported approximately 3,000 fatalities. Unfortunately, numbers like these are only going to increase with Florida’s consistent population growth. All things considered, with an auto accident attorney at your side, you’re more than just another statistic. Whether you’ve been in a minor St. Petersburg fender bender, a major accident, or something in between, contact an attorney. With K LAW, PLLC, you will benefit from the services of a lawyer who knows her way through complicated legal and bureaucratic procedures.

Getting the Full Attention of Your St. Petersburg Attorney

K LAW, PLLC is the boutique (i.e. small) law firm of St. Petersburg resident Lisa A. Kennedy. She keeps her caseload manageable, so each one receives her full, undivided attention. With K LAW, PLLC as your auto accident attorney, therefore, you can be assured that you won’t miss the small print. Insurance companies are conditioned to turn down or minimize claims — if there’s a reason to refute, they’ll find it. For the most part, they make things difficult every step of the way. As a former claims adjuster for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, Ms. Kennedy is uniquely qualified to deal with insurance agents. She knows the tricks. More importantly, she knows how to deflect them. Consequently, K LAW, PLLC gets the job done, with top compensation for you.

Do This First, Then Call an Auto Accident Attorney

If you’ve been in a car crash, your first order of business should be to take care of your medical needs. The same goes for any passengers, too. Internal injuries — including whiplash and sprains — sometimes do not reveal themselves for a while. Contact the St. Petersburg police and make it official, no matter how insignificant the accident appears. File a report and get the other party’s insurance information.

However, we recommend that you call your St. Petersburg auto accident attorney before opening a dialogue with the insurance company. They are adept at confusing customers and burying them in a confounding tangle of paperwork. With K LAW, PLLC on your side, you have an advocate who will fight — fairly but firmly, and without hesitation — to get you whatever restitution you deserve.

Call K LAW, PLLC at (727) 201-8444 and speak with auto accident attorney Lisa A. Kennedy about your case. Or, contact us today to learn more about our firm.