If you are pursuing a personal injury case, you may want to know how long the process may take. While no one answer works for every case since there are so many variables, an auto accident injury attorney in Tampa can look at your case to determine an approximate timeline you can expect.

The Steps for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

To file a personal injury lawsuit, one must follow certain steps, including:

  • Completing a Consultation. During your consultation with an auto accident injury attorney in Tampa, you will discuss your case. Your lawyer will ask you questions about the incident. This is your time to provide as much information as possible.
  • Initiating the Case Investigation. Your lawyer will need to investigate matters that factor into your claim, including time missed from work, injuries, and more. They will gather police reports, photographs, medical reports, witness statements, and evaluate the scene of the accident.
  • Creating a Settlement Demand. To receive compensation, you will need to work with your auto accident injury attorney to create a settlement demand. This will outline your demands for compensation for injuries, property damage, lost wages from missed work, pain and suffering, and other damages.
  • Filing the Personal Injury Lawsuit. Finally, your lawyer will file a personal injury claim if your case cannot settle outside of court. If you can’t settle and you file a lawsuit, the other party may attempt to mediate before going to trial.

How Long Does the Personal Injury Compensation Process Take?

All the above steps, from the moment of the accident to the day you receive your compensation, can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. It helps that the statute of limitations for a personal injury case in Florida is four years, so if you are receiving compensation, it probably will not go beyond that date unless you file your lawsuit at the very tail end of the deadline.

Depending on the damages and liability, the case could take longer or shorter. If liability is disputed, that could lengthen the timelines. If the damages are not accounted for (for example, if you are still undergoing medical treatment and the doctor cannot release you) then the case will go on for a longer period of time. To settle quickly, you may be able to resolve your case fast by accepting a lower settlement. However, most people in Tampa want proper compensation and aren’t willing to settle for less than they deserve.

Choose K LAW, PLLC for an Auto Accident Injury Attorney That Works Quickly

Ultimately, on average, cases for car accidents will take around four to nine months, while other accidents like workplace accidents or slip & falls will take about six to nine months. Of course, these are averages, so there are those that will take less and more time. Speak with an auto accident injury attorney at K LAW, PLLC in Tampa Bay to discuss the timeline for your case. To schedule a complimentary consultation, <a href=”tel:8138668600>give us a call</a> or contact us online.

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