Dealing with insurance companies or a lawsuit in St. Petersburg is often not purely about knowing you were in the right. Opposing lawyers will have the knowledge, experience, and resources to develop a sharp retort to your claim. However, a bicycle accident attorney can help level the playing field for athletes and those enjoying a ride out. Dealing with a claim does not need to be a solo effort. However, the majority of individuals seek some legal aid during their claim. The effectiveness of an accident attorney can also depend on when you find guidance.

Working with the right firm after the advent of an incident can save you from missing out on vital compensation for your injuries. Stretching out cases by slowly communicating or failing to provide necessary documentation can also be detrimental to your case and recovering. A bicycle accident attorney can better advocate your case and develop a plan depending on your unique situation.

Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries

Florida ranks as one of the worst states to be a bicyclist in. We have some of the highest collision rates with cities like St. Petersburg ranking as one of the worst areas. Without the protection of a vehicle, even bicyclist with helmets and pads can still suffer severe injury. Many incidents occur at areas like stop signs. Drivers tend to miss small things like a bike moving to their side and will roll stops and cause a collision. Running signs is more dangerous and can lead to broken bones or even death. With how serious injuries can be, insurance companies and opposing parties can be reluctant to provide compensation. Common injuries typically involve the:

  • Spine
  • Head
  • Extremities (arms and legs)


Spinal damage is one the most severe injuries and can require months of rehabilitation. Getting adequate compensation for these cases is more difficult. The amount due will be much more and may need a lawsuit to receive more. St. Petersburg residents can also better gather evidence, documentation, and filing their claim with legal guidance.


Bicyclist dealing with head injuries can find it difficult to manage daily life and their case. These accidents are also more likely to lead a coma or death. In addition, we provide wrongful death services for those dealing with the passing of an individual due to an incident.

Arms and Legs

Since your extremities are without much protection while on a bike, damage to the legs and arms are some of the most common. Even sprains can lead to long-lasting symptoms like reoccurring and persisting pain or discomforts.

Work with a K LAW Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

St. Petersburg clients working with a lawyer can better communicate with opposing parties and conclude. Rather than dealing with a long case, a bicycle accident attorney can provide support and representation the quickens cases. St. Petersburg residents can contact us today by going online or at (727) 201-8444