You hear about fender benders every day, but have you considered what you would do if you were in one? If you have been involved in an auto or motorcycle accident in St. Petersburg, certain actions must be taken to protect yourself. Follow these steps to make sure your experience is as painless as possible, and contact an auto accident attorney right away.

Remain Calm and Check for Injuries

Whether it was a tap of the bumper or a full-on collision in St. Petersburg, one of the most important things to remember is to remain calm. Panicking will only escalate the situation at hand. Take a few deep breaths, and check yourself for injuries. If you or anyone else at the scene appears to have extensive damage, call 911. Do not attempt to move anyone unless leaving them where they are exposes them to immediate danger. Make sure that the emergency services know where you are and that a police officer and medical services are on the way. Keep numbers for your insurance, an auto accident attorney, and emergency medical services stored in your glove compartment, just in case.

File a Police Report and Contact Insurance

Once the police arrive, they will ask you questions about the crash. This is so they can file a police report, which might be necessary for insurance and legal purposes. Take note of the scene, and write down information, including:

  • Where and when the incident occurred
  • Who was involved
  • Injuries and damages to vehicles, those involved, and bystanders
  • Contact information and names of any witnesses

While it is essential that you remain polite and civil to all parties involved, especially the police or medical services, refrain from making statements that may indict yourself. Even if you believe the fender bender may have been your fault, a seasoned car or motorcycle accident lawyer in St. Petersburg may be able to help prove that it was not.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

Contacting your insurance agent and an attorney right away are critical actions you must take to achieve the best possible result from an accident. While on the scene, only state the basic facts of the collision, and limit discussion of the events. You do not want to inadvertently indict yourself or give others reason to believe that the incident was your fault. By contacting an auto accident attorney in St. Petersburg, you can discuss the mishap freely, thanks to attorney-client privilege. They can recommend further actions you should take to help bolster your case, including how to interact with insurance companies, what information you need to make sure you have from police, others involved, and more.

Call K LAW Right Away

Navigating the legal system can be challenging and dealing with an accident is no exception. When you have been in an accident in St. Petersburg, do not risk incurring the blame and the exponential fees that come with it; contact K LAW, because we have the experience and know-how to help you get the most out of this situation. We have helped Tampa residents for years, and may be able to help you too. Call today to discuss your case and to speak with a car accident lawyer at (727) 201-8444. There are no fees unless we win your case!