One of the first things your St. Petersburg accident injury attorney will ask you after you have been in a car wreck is, “Who was at fault?” Once it has been determined who caused the accident, your lawyer will then begin to determine what level of error occurred. There are four common law levels of fault including recklessness, intentional misconduct, strict liability, and negligence.

Accident Injury Attorney Answers: What is Negligence?

The legal definition of negligence is, “failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances.”

If someone is operating a vehicle thoughtlessly or carelessly, his or her actions qualify as negligent. However, a driver could find themselves charged with negligence for many different reasons.

  • Driving Distracted: Was the other driver was texting, on the phone, or doing any other activity that may take their attention away from the task at hand? In that case, they are found at fault for the accident.
  • Violating Traffic Laws: Any accident injury attorney will want to know if the defendant was violating traffic laws. Other forms of negligence include: Not obeying traffic signs, speeding, not using a signal and also failing to yield.
  • Failure to Maintain Vehicle: If you are involved in a crash in St. Petersburg because another driver failed to properly maintain their car, you might be able to file a personal injury suit. Should the driver’s brakes fail, a taillight is out, or the driver is neglecting repairs on their vehicle, you are entitled to compensation.

If you are hit by another driver whom you believe acted with negligence, give us a call today. Our accident injury attorney in St. Petersburg will assess your case and determine what form of fault occurred.

How K LAW Can Help You

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