The state of Florida is a no-fault state. If you are in a car accident, no-fault insurance laws will benefit you. No-fault insurance means your personal insurance coverage covers your expenses like medical fees or loss of income regardless of who was at fault for the collision. There are limits to the coverage, and some policies allow for replacement benefits. Your insurance company pays for your injuries and damages and the other driver’s insurance company takes care of their injuries and damages. In some cases, you may need an accident injury attorney in Tampa to help you sort out unique circumstances.

No-Fault Insurance Explained

Florida drivers must have PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage as part of their car insurance policy. This covers them after a crash and takes care of the policy holder’s medical expenses to a certain amount. In Florida, if you own a car with four or more wheels, your PIP policy must carry a minimum of $10,000 in benefits and another $10,000 in property damage liability benefits.

Your PIP benefits cover you, your kids, members of your household, and certain passengers if they do not have PIP coverage or own a vehicle. If a passenger in your car receives an injury, their PIP coverage will take care of them. Similarly, if you are riding in someone else’s car and are hurt, your PIP insurance will cover you. If you are sued after a collision, an accident injury attorney in Tampa can defend your case.

What Happens to Uninsured Drivers?

If a driver in Florida doesn’t have the minimum requirement for insurance benefits, they may face license suspension. If they want to get their license back, they will need to pay fines up to $500 per violation. They will also have to provide proof of insurance for every vehicle they own.

Lawsuits in a No-Fault State

Even though Florida is a no-fault state, certain circumstances allow injured victims to file lawsuits against the at-fault party. For example, serious cases such as death or permanent loss of a body part meet the verbal threshold for lawsuits. If someone sues you, contact an accident injury attorney in Tampa right away.

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All Florida residents must have PIP insurance coverage because Florida is a no-fault state. Tampa sees many traffic incidents on a daily basis, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with your insurance coverage in case of a crash. If you need the assistance of an accident injury attorney, contact the professionals at K LAW, PLLC by calling (813) 866-8600 or contacting us online.