While you can easily locate a dozen law offices throughout St. Petersburg and Tampa, you may discover that finding an experienced attorney is not as effortless. Finding a lawyer to fit your particular situation often requires a lot of time and patience. However, if you were injured in an auto collision, look no further than the experienced staff at K LAW, PLLC for your legal needs. When it comes to a car incident claim, an accident injury attorney can be paramount to your claim’s success.

Why Hire an Accident Injury Attorney?

When caught up in an auto collision, the legal issues are not always quickly resolved. There can be conflicts related to:

  • Injury and medical claims
  • Liability
  • Insurance
  • Auto repairs

Getting caught up in all the forms and legal nuances can quickly become overwhelming. It can be especially overwhelming if you are injured and attempting the process by yourself. An accident injury attorney can help with all the stress, forms, and legal uncertainty. When fulfilling a claim in St. Petersburg, you need a firm that will provide personal assistance and focus on your case. At K LAW, PLLC, we specialize in personal injury and always provide legal aid for our clients.

Auto Accident Injuries

After a collision, many people experience one or more of a handful of common injuries. Even minor impacts can sometimes result in injuries that affect your everyday life. An accident injury attorney is there to mitigate the added stress of legal claims. Some people may think that being a safe driver means that they are completely safe on the road, but even the best driver can end up in a crash. You can control how safely you drive, but you cannot control how cautiously everyone else on the road drives.

Auto collisions are very common in St. Petersburg, and so are injuries from them. In fact, a 2012 census found that vehicle incidents were the leading cause of harm within the United States. And, according to a 2015 DMV census, over 350,000 traffic incidents occurred in Florida alone.

Types of Injuries

Some of the most typical types of auto injuries involve the:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Lower back

A vehicle’s highly pressurized airbags are there to protect the driver and front passenger but may cause fractured bones or bruised ribs. Injuries like fractured or broken bones can make it so that one is unable to work for a period a time. They can also lead to expensive hospital bills. Some of these injuries can also be extremely severe and cause long-term damage. However, a St. Petersburg accident injury attorney from K LAW, PLLC is well suited to take care of things like medical claims. A couple of common auto injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated disk
  • Concussions
  • PTSD
  • Broken or fractured arm, hand, leg, or feet bones
  • Torn ligaments

Accident Injury Attorney Services

One major benefit of hiring a firm is having access to helpful legal services and assistance. At K LAW, PLLC, an accident injury attorney can assist St. Petersburg clients in making sure that their injuries affect their obligations and livelihood as little as possible. Circumstances may place some clients in a bad situation where they may lose wages or require a rental to continue everyday routines like going to work or school, and the case may not be quickly or easily resolved. An accident injury attorney can assist clients with:

  • Medical claims
  • Auto repairs
  • Lost wages
  • Rental services
  • Proper procedure after a crash
  • Gathering necessary information
  • Personal service

They are millions of drivers on the road, and even a fender bender can cause severe whiplash or other injuries. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can make all the difference when it comes to processing your claims and making sure your life is not completely disrupted. K LAW, PLLC will pursue your case with dedication to make sure you receive the services you need.


One thing not every firm in St. Petersburg can guarantee is that you will speak with a real accident injury attorney. As a firm that provides and focuses on personal service, K LAW, PLLC ensures that you will talk to a real lawyer on your specific case. With just a call, you can figure out whether you require a lawyer or not. Our staff will listen to your situation, help you determine if legal intervention is necessary, and offer legal advice on how to proceed with your case. Contact K LAW, PLLC today at (813) 866-8600 for your free and confidential consultation. With over 15 years of experience, attorney Lisa A. Kennedy can provide you with the legal service you need in the St. Petersburg area.