If you have been wrongfully injured in Tampa, we understand that you may have several questions about the process of hiring an accident injury attorney and preparing a case for trial and settlement. In this article, we will go over what to expect during that initial consultation. We will also provide you with questions you will want to ask and things you will want to consider.

4 Things to Expect During an Accident Injury Attorney Consultation

Your first meeting with a potential Tampa lawyer is of the utmost importance. This meeting provides you with an opportunity to learn about the firm you are considering and the lawyers’ level of experience with cases like yours. Often, selecting a personal injury attorney who specializes in your situation will improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

You should expect to have an honest and open discussion with your lawyer at this first meeting. Be sure to spend some time focusing on the following areas.

1. Understanding Your Case: Who, What, When, Where, and Why

One of the first things that should happen is going over a full description of the accident in question. The accident injury attorney you are considering needs to have a thorough understanding of your case before they can push forward with any legal action. So first, have a detailed discussion and go over any questions regarding the nature of your case.

2. Explanation of The Legal Process

An experienced accident injury attorney in Tampa should be able to offer insight on how to proceed forward with your case to achieve a favorable outcome. Your attorney will provide you with an understanding of what is happening behind the scenes via a step-by-step walkthrough of the legal processes involved. Things like filing legal briefs, requests for replies, and scouring through documents can be time-consuming. Your lawyer should discuss these steps with you so you have a better understanding of how they will be working on your behalf.

3. Determining Your Role

Despite what you may initially think, you play a vital role in the outcome of your case. It is not all in the hands of your accident injury attorney. During your first consultation, your attorney will thoroughly explain the steps you need to take to ensure a positive outcome.

Some of the things you will be responsible for include:

  • Meeting with your doctor regularly
  • Never missing an appointment
  • Being truthful and transparent throughout every step of the process

4. Establishing Ways to Communicate with Your Lawyer

It is necessary that both client and lawyer establish a regular means of communication. At this first meeting, ask them what their preferred method of contact is, whether that means by email, phone, or scheduled contact only. It is crucial that you feel like a priority when working with your accident injury attorney in Tampa. When you call, they should answer, or at least promptly call back when they are available.

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