There is nothing more devastating than the sense of helplessness you can experience after being involved in a collision in Tampa. The team at K LAW, PLLC wants you to know that you do not have to feel alone. Let a car accident lawyer help you through the difficulties and take the stress off of your shoulders.

Your Car Accident Lawyer Will Help You Deal With Difficulties

If you were hurt in a collision, the most important thing to do is to seek medical attention in Tampa right away; however, if you were not greatly injured or suffered mild soft tissue injuries there are a few things you can do right away that will benefit you later.

While you are at the crash site in Tampa, try to remember the details around you and start collecting evidence. Any of the details that you can take away from the scene will allow your car accident lawyer to further your case and fight for you in court if things get complicated. Things that will help you, later on, will include:

  • Photographs – Any pictures that you can snap of your vehicle, the other automobiles involved, and the crash site are an excellent way to preserve the memory of what took place. Pictures are solid evidence that can be used as proof for insurance agents and the judge if your case goes to court. The angles of impact and the amount of damage can even be used to understand fault and assign blame.
  • Police report – Getting a police report is another critical piece of the puzzle. The Tampa officer will also gather insurance and contact information from everyone involved; this is important for dealing with damages and in getting a better understanding of what happened, why, and who is at fault. Knowing who is responsible and how much fault should be assigned to each driver is an important aspect of getting your case together for your car accident lawyer.
  • Witnesses – Ask bystanders who saw the incident for their contact information in case witnesses are needed. Remember that if you do not take the time to gather that information right away, it may be impossible to track them down once you need a statement from a witness so act fast.
  • Diagram – Immediately after the collision occurred, sit down and think through what happened. Then, draw a picture and write down all you can remember about what took place. Be sure to note details about the driving conditions, the direction you were heading in, what you saw before the crash, and what took place directly after. This will help your car accident lawyer understand how the collision occurred and explain the situation to insurance agents.
  • Medical statements – Insurance may cover some of the medical treatments that you need, so make sure to save any medical bills that you may get in the process.

There can never be too much evidence or proof. Details are important and most people in Tampa do not realize how much they will forget until it is too late. Your car accident lawyer in Tampa Bay will be able to make sense of your injury case and use each bit of information as evidence in building your suit.

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