Motorcycle enthusiasts find freedom and fun navigating Florida roads — including, of course, St. Petersburg roads — both great and small. Unfortunately, that very freedom that riders cherish makes them among the most vulnerable of motorists on our streets. Even the most conscientious rider, following all the rules and regulations of the road, is only as safe as the automobile drivers in the vicinity will allow. A good motorcycle accident attorney knows that while accidents happen, in many cases they could have been avoided. That, of course, is not always the case

K LAW, PLLC – motorcycle accident attorney Lisa A. Kennedy of St. Petersburg – is here to help bike riders keep their focus on the medical care they need. When you are suffering from pain and anxiety, you do not need to add frustration and irritation to the mix! When it comes to insurance companies, and the hurdles they can put up between you and adequate compensation, leave that to K LAW.

K LAW’s Lisa Kennedy

You can rely on Lisa Kennedy because not only is she a motorcycle accident attorney, she is also a former licensed insurance adjuster who spent more than 12 years with State Farm, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Lisa A. Kennedy can deal with the red tape and the seemingly endless rounds of bureaucratic double-speak, while you work on healing at home in St. Petersburg. She will make sure they do not bury you under a maddening mountain of paperwork and excuses

Stay Safe in St. Petersburg

The need for a motorcycle accident attorney stems from the fact that there are so many accidents every year involving bikers. In the year 2000, Florida’s motorcycle helmet law was repealed; as the state’s population has swollen in the intervening years, so have the statistics on highway accidents. Motorcycles represent less than eight percent of the registered vehicles on Florida roads; our state reported the highest rate of bike fatalities in 2016, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In a recent AAA safety survey, Florida motorcyclists laid out their personal safety guidelines:

  • Safety gear is paramount. If you choose to wear a helmet, be sure it meets a high protection standard (in other words, do your research first). Always wear goggles or some sort of eye protection, closed-toe footwear (keep those feet off the road), and protective clothing.
  • Always be aware that automobile drivers may not be able to see you, so increase your overall visibility by keeping your head and tail lights on not only after dark, but also before sunset (dusk) and in any sort of rainy or inclement weather. Black leather may be cool, but for maximum visibility, consider wearing bright clothing. Be visible and put reflective strips on your bike.
  • Be smart. You can avoid being that invisible bike in the blind spot by spacing yourself out. Follow three to four seconds behind whatever vehicle is directly in front of you.
  • Use your turn signals, do not speed, and do not weave from one lane to another.
  • Consider taking a motorcyclist’s safety course; you will be a better rider, and you may save a few dollars on your insurance premiums.

As a motorcycle accident attorney, we highly recommend and urge bikers to heed these guidelines and follow them at all times for the safest experience on the roads in St. Petersburg.

When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The risks inherent with motorcycling mean that sometimes planning ahead just is not enough. With so many cars and trucks on St. Petersburg roads these days, it is inevitable that somebody in a car, at some point, is going to come in contact with a motorcyclist. Following the above recommendations can significantly reduce the chances of injury or death. But the laws of physics cannot be argued; a 4,000-pound automobile will wreak havoc on even the weightiest of bikes. Cars rule the road, and driving defensively is the biker’s best course of action.

K LAW’s aggressive stance as your motorcycle accident attorney in St. Petersburg goes beyond the expertise of our parrying abilities with the insurance companies. Should a settlement not be reached, we are willing and able to go to court and fight. We will discuss it with you every step of the way, from the day of the accident to your victorious day in court.

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