You may be able to receive higher compensation after your collision in St. Petersburg by consulting with a motorcycle accident attorney. Every serious enthusiast understands how enjoyable, practical, and fuel-friendly this mode of transportation can be. However, even the most experienced riders know they are at the mercy of other vehicles on the road. Riding passively and trying to avoid the seemingly endless sea of blind spots is extremely effective for preventing mishaps, but not entirely guaranteed – thousands of careful individuals still get injured every year. In the case something unfortunate does happen, we want you to know there are options available to obtain a compensation for your losses.

How K LAW, PLLC’s Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

A motorcycle accident attorney will consult with you and obtain all relevant information about an incident that occurred in or around St. Petersburg. We may need to gather important details such as:

  • Vehicle history
  • Traffic light recordings, if accessible
  • Witness interviews
  • Insurance company contacts
  • Police reports

Our diligent professionals go above and beyond to create a solid, well-structured claim that makes it tremendously difficult for insurers to deny. These companies commonly try to dismiss cases so that they can save a few bucks. Let us tirelessly debate them for you to make sure you do not become a victim of these types of scams. Our team is staffed with lawyers that have plenty of experience with the insurance industry— we have a former insurance claims adjuster on our side.

When you seek the expertise of our St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorneys, we speak to the insurance companies directly so that you can avoid using the wrong words that put your claim at risk. It is already exceedingly difficult to attempt reading the dense legal documentations that encode the reimbursement you are entitled to. Trying to then communicate your particular concerns to a representative that is hard to work with makes the task almost impossible. Instead of jeopardizing the amount of money you will receive, and wasting countless amounts of time and energy, let us do the work for you.

Emotional and Physical Injuries

Our motorcycle accident attorneys in St. Petersburg may be able to get you payments for emotional and physical injuries sustained. We recommend always wearing protective gear when you are out on your bike, such as:

  • A helmet
  • Pads
  • Leather gloves, jackets, and pants

These are great ways to protect your body in the event of a collision, but they are not always enough. Sometimes you are left with deep scars, disfigurements, loss of bodily function, or even the loss of a limb. These dramatic outcomes can entirely change the way individuals live and interact with the world. They may suffer from debilitating depression or physical pain without any source of compensation for their fate. Do not let the mistakes of another person ruin your life. Consult a motorcycle accident attorney about your collision in St. Petersburg to find out all of the ways you can receive a better settlement.

When an Accident First Occurs, Call a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It is important to know what to do if you or your loved one gets hit by another vehicle. First and foremost, check your body for any injuries that may have been sustained. Your body’s initial reaction is to release a heaping dose of adrenaline due to its ‘Fight or Flight Response’. This anesthetizing hormone will dull physical sensations and you may not feel much immediate pain; in fact, you may even feel a rush or thrill. Do not let this fool you. Check your body for any lacerations or broken bones because you may require immediate medical assistance; if you do require help, promptly call an ambulance.

Once medical assistance has been sought and the police have been called, our St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorneys highly urge taking pictures of the scene and all vehicles involved. Write down all relevant information, including:

  • Names
  • License plate numbers
  • Insurance information

After that, it is time to call your lawyer.

K LAW, PLLC – Here to Serve You

A collision can be difficult to recover from, both emotionally and physically. With the extra work of speaking to difficult insurance representatives, the task can quickly become daunting. Do not let intimidation stop you from pursuing the compensation that you deserve. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to bringing justice and appropriate reimbursement to St. Petersburg riders. Call (813) 866-8600 today or contact us here to get the assistance you need.