When attempting to resolve a motorcycle accident injury lawsuit, it is often the best choice to hire a local law firm with experience in the matter. Many St. Pete resident want to know how effective legal services are, especially given the high number of collisions in the area. After all, some people may feel intimidated by the idea of hiring professional legal services. However, if you are looking to maximize your compensation, then you will need the right team backing you. Attorneys with years of experience in personal injury claims understand the claim filing process inside out. When it comes to a motorcycle accident injury lawsuit, clients will need to fulfill certain criteria to have a viable claim. Certain factors, like a reckless driver or alcohol use, can mean you have a strong case against the at-fault party. St. Pete residents can avoid missteps like admitting fault by consulting a lawyer at K LAW, PLLC as soon as possible.

How to Improve Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawsuit

With a motorcycle accident injury lawsuit, quickly processing information is vital to the success of your case. Unlike some legal matters, injury claims have a rather short window for legal action. State law stipulates the statute of limitations to be four years. However, the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to win a case. Repairs may be done and information can be lost over the years. If both parties are unable to clearly recall the situation, then concluding fault and injuries can be frustrating for all.

Many times, insurers will find that both drivers are partly at fault since Florida is a no-fault state. Though, this does not mean that you cannot personally sue a driver afterward. A significant exception to the no-fault law includes permanent injuries, disfigurement, and scarring. However, there are different factors that contribute to your categorization, and these require medical verification. At K LAW, PLLC, our team can help clients who need to process a motorcycle accident injury lawsuit that involves:

Permanent Disability

St. Pete drivers dealing with permanent disabilities do not need to settle for the insurance limit. Permanent disabilities are defined as injuries that reduce the mental or physical function of an individual. Typically, the clients must be unable to work and miss a large amount of their normal income to qualify. If you suffer injuries during work, it may seem easier to get compensation through social security and worker’s compensation. A motorcycle accident injury lawsuit differs in that you have to deal with an opposing party that will be less willing to come to a suitable agreement. The benefit of a lawsuit that takes into account permanent disabilities is the possibility of receiving more compensation. Regardless of the injury, long-lasting issues often result in lifelong payments. St. Pete residents can get a better chance to receive enough to cover long-term medical expenses and recovery with the help of K LAW, PLLC.

Wrongful Death

You may be entitled to compensation in cases where a victim loses his or her life due to a negligent driver. If an individual is a surviving member of the deceased, then they may have the right to sue. St. Pete residents should keep in mind that there is a shorter time window to put forward a wrongful death claim. While it can be a type of motorcycle accident injury lawsuit, it still has a two-year limit instead of four.

Other Personal Injury Situations

Besides helping with your motorcycle accident injury lawsuit, K LAW, PLLC provides clients assistance with various personal injury claims. St. Pete drivers and pedestrians can both ensure they receive proper representation and guidance during lawsuits. Ensuring your document medical expenses and lost wages can make it easier for clients to regain their livelihood and heal.

Rely on K LAW, PLLC for Your Injury Claims Today

Larger firms sometimes lack the resources to give every case the attention they require. Smaller firms like K LAW, PLLC provide a more personal experience. Proper communication and planning save you time and money when investing in legal services. Reaching a quicker and more beneficial resolution is over ten times more likely with professional legal guidance. St. Pete residents can go online or call (727) 201-8444 today to begin processing your claim.