We all know the risks of driving a vehicle, but even when walking around in St. Petersburg, you are at-risk. If you were struck by a car while on foot, contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney right away! Here at K LAW, PLLC, we take you through the process, help you retrieve compensation for your recovery, and make sure that you are cared for after your trauma.

The Role of a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Whenever you file any suit in St. Petersburg, you are required to go through a time-consuming process of filing paperwork, digging up proof, and dealing with insurance agents. Hiring an experienced pedestrian accident attorney frees you from the responsibilities involved. Your lawyer will take your case from start to finish. This means that you will have support in:

  1. Filing claims with all insurance companies involved. We deal with insurance on your behalf, and although we keep you posted, we take care of the grunt work. We handle the insurance agents and filling out the paperwork. After that, we prepare you to talk to them should it become necessary.
  2. Negotiating when it comes time to settle. Negotiating is one of those things that require knowledge and practice. Many people in St. Petersburg are uncomfortable with negotiating. This is something that your pedestrian accident attorney does on a regular basis and can handle smoothly. The second key is to understand the worth of your case and to press for a fair settlement. This needs to be done without caving under the pressure that insurance agents sometimes exert.
  3. Finding the right treatment options and other support. Being hit by a car can result in serious physical injuries that require specialists and therapies that go beyond regular doctor visits. The process of finding the right treatment centers and medics can be frustrating when you are dealing with emotional and physical pain. Your pedestrian accident attorney can take the stress off you by searching out the specialists you need in St. Petersburg and making sure they are covered by insurance. You may need help in other areas as well during this time, and we can advise you and give you recommendations. We have a lot of experience that you can benefit from.

How Do You Prepare for Your First Consultation?

If you are suffering, do not worry about driving anywhere in St. Petersburg. Your pedestrian accident attorney can carry out your initial consultation in the comfort of your home. Just let us know when you call us. During our meeting, we will discuss your case in detail. Having some info handy will help us speed things along. You are not required to go with our services, but your information helps us gauge the state of your situation, even if you choose not to commit.

To be prepared, have the following information on-hand for your pedestrian accident attorney:

  • Driver’s Auto Information. Driver’s identifying information is highly valuable in a case like this. The more information you have, the better. What we need most is the driver’s name, telephone number, car information, and insurance specs (insurance company, phone number, and policy number).
  • Police Reports. Hopefully a St. Petersburg officer came to the scene in your case and left you with a police report. The report contains necessary details about how the crash happened along with info such as time, date, what happened, driver data, and relevant details from anyone else involved.
  • Eye Witnesses. If there were any eyewitnesses, their identifying information and personal statements are gold.
  • Medical Statements. Any medical reports that you have from St. Petersburg doctors along with medical receipts and bills.
  • Photographs/Videos. All of your pictures or videos of the accident, the site, and your injuries are highly valuable as evidence. They also help your pedestrian accident attorney understand the situation better.
  • Wage Loss. If you were required to miss work, wage loss calculations would be helpful to have on-hand.

We understand that you may not have all of this information available, but whatever you do have will help us help you!

Call Your Pedestrian Accident Attorney at K LAW, PLLC As Soon As Possible!

We are sorry that you are hurting, but remember that you do not need to suffer alone after your accident in St. Petersburg. Your pedestrian accident attorney at K LAW, PLLC wants to help you through this tough time and make the road as smooth as possible. Just give us a call at (813) 866-8600 or contact us here to get started!