Although we hope you do not encounter the need for a personal injury attorney, we are here to assist clients that have been in an incident or accident. It can be hard to navigate the legal system on your own, and dealing with insurance companies and stacks of paperwork is an intimidating prospect. At K LAW, PLLC, we have dedicated our lives to helping St. Petersburg residents with their legal troubles, as we believe no one should have to suffer unnecessarily at the hands of the law. This is especially true for those who are in their position due to no fault of their own.

How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

Finding the right personal injury attorney for you in St. Petersburg is essential for getting the most out of your litigation. Follow these guidelines during your search to make sure you find the right professional.

  1. Do your research. Search for the case history and record of accomplishment of the lawyer in question, and make sure that they are certified by the Florida Bar.
  2. Ask questions. Schedule a consultation with the firm and make sure you meet face to face with the personal injury attorney who may be representing you. Come armed with a list of questions about their education, experience, and practice as well as questions about your case.
  3. Check reviews. With sites like Thumbtack and Yelp at the ready, you should use every resource you can to better understand how a particular lawyer operates and what feedback past clients have given them. If something seems off, consider how you may fare in the situation.
  4. Ask around. Neighbors, family members, friends, or co-workers may have a recommendation for you if they know a personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg or have had to work with one themselves. Word of mouth and a personal statement can be powerful and speak volumes for the client support and capabilities of a lawyer.

Once you have compiled the information gathered from your research, use it to narrow the selection or pinpoint who you would like to represent you in your legal matters. The right representation can make or break a case.

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