A car accident attorney in Bradenton will charge clients in one of two ways:  an hourly billing rate or a contingency fee. We’ll go over both forms of payment in the article below.

Contingency Fees

A contingency fee is when your car accident attorney is paid only if they’re able to retain money on your behalf from the responsible party (or their insurance company). There are no legal fees unless you win your case or settle. At K LAW, PLLC, you do not owe any fees unless we win.

Lawyers typically calculate contingency fees as a percentage of the total judgment. Some lawyers take a percentage of the net award (after expenses are deducted), while others take a percentage of the gross award (before expenses are deducted). Percentages vary, so you may be able to negotiate a lower rate with your car accident attorney. Negotiations should always take place before you officially hire a lawyer in Bradenton.

You’ll be responsible for reimbursing your attorney for any expenses incurred on your behalf if you end up winning your case. Most lawyers working on a contingency basis will waive expenses if they’re unable to successfully win or settle your case. Your lawyer will be motivated to secure the largest possible settlement, making it a mutually beneficial endeavor.

It’s also important to note that if the amount you receive at the end of your case is less than the cost of your medical expenses and other costs, you will still be responsible for compensating your lawyer for the agreed amount. To prevent this from happening, discuss these terms before you retain your Bradenton car accident attorney.

Hourly Rates

Sometimes, lawyers will offer to take a case under an hourly rate. This translates to you compensating your attorney for every hour he or she works on your case, regardless of the outcome. So, even if you don’t win in court or don’t settle your case, you’d still be responsible for paying your legal bill.

It’s less common for a lawyer to charge their clients hourly. If you receive this offer, chances are you don’t have a strong case and should probably think twice about pursuing your claim.

Selecting a Car Accident Attorney in Bradenton

Below are some important questions that will help you evaluate each attorney in Bradenton:

  • What percentage of your settlement goes to the lawyer? Does this percentage come from the gross or net award?
  • What size settlement does the lawyer think he or she can achieve? Is this amount similar to other estimates you’ve received?
  • Once you deduct the attorney’s fees and expenses, how much would do realistically expect to get?

Accidents happen every day in Bradenton. If you ever find yourself in this position and need a car accident attorney, look no further than the professionals at K LAW, PLLC. Call (941)242-5550 to set up a consultation and get the compensation you deserve.