An auto accident is nearly a daily occurrence on the roads of St. Petersburg and if you ride a motorcycle, you are at a higher risk for injuries. Injuries from a collision can seriously impact your life and how you go about it, which is why a motorcycle injury lawyer may be right for you. An attorney knowledgeable in automotive law can help you through your claims or liability process. Motorcycle law also differs from car legislation and insurance regulation.

In fact, under Florida law, motorcycles are not covered by Personal Injury Protect (PIP), also known as no-fault insurance. Having no-fault insurance means that you would be covered medically and compensated for lost wages in the case of an auto collision. Since bikers do not have this coverage in St. Petersburg, a motorcycle injury lawyer can be critical to making sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Injuries

Being involved in a crash or other incident can be extremely expensive and damaging, especially with bikers. In fact, a U.S Department of Transportation report found that the large majority of bike accidents damaged the lower extremities. Areas like the legs were particularly susceptible to damage. In addition, a broken leg can really inconvenience your life and be very expensive. The same report found that the average hospital bill was more than $20,000. Many of the damages from the incidents were also labeled as severe. A motorcycle injury lawyer from K LAW, PLLC can help make sure you receive the help you need with your medical and liability claims. An accident in St. Petersburg can happen at any time, so having an attorney can make all the difference.

Need a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer? Call K LAW, PLLC

If you find yourself injured and swamped by the bureaucracy of making a claim, K LAW, PLLC may be the help you need. One of the most frustrating situations an accident can lead to is not receiving the appropriate amount of compensation. Lisa A. Kennedy, an attorney at K LAW, PLLC, is a Florida State Licensed Claim Adjuster, which means she can determine how liable someone may be in an accident. Claims adjusters can conduct interviews, as well as collect police and hospital records to strengthen your claim.

At K LAW, PLLC, we can help you with:

  • Lost wages
  • Hospital claims
  • Liability
  • Repairs
  • Legal forms and processes
  • Florida automotive law

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