For a majority of drivers on Florida roads today, the chances of being involved in an auto accident are pretty good. Unfortunately, for most people, being involved in an auto accident causes feelings of shock, anger, anxiety and fear. Inevitably on the first statements that is repeated over and over by insurance adjusters and some police officers almost immediately is “Florida is a no-fault insurance state.”

What is No-Fault Insurance?

What does “No-fault” mean when you are not the one that caused the accident? The other driver may have caused the accident and may be ultimately responsible for damages due to their negligence. This is not a “get out of jail free card”. No-Fault insurance only refers the medical portion of an auto insurance policy. Florida is a “No-fault” state which means that after an accident each driver turns to their own policy to pay the cost of medical expenses, costs and other losses. The benefit to this system is that allows the injured party to seek immediate medical care without having to pay for the cost out of their own pockets or file a lawsuit to cover expenses.

Another notable benefit is that the No-fault system is that it allows for payment of medical expenses even if you were the one that caused the accident.

At K Law, we help people who has been injured in an accident with: getting your car repaired, obtaining a rental car, filing various medical forms, and filing liability claims with your no-fault insurance provider.

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