The Florida Highway Strategic Plan addresses safety issues on our roads. Implemented by the Florida Department of Transportation, the 2016 plan encompasses statistics, historical information, and ideas for the future, from a multitude of safety-minded metropolitan planning organizations. The goal: fatality-free Florida thoroughfares. It is an idealistic vision, perhaps, and we all know that we do not live in a perfect world. Accidents happen; if you are in need of an auto accident attorney in St. Petersburg, Lisa A. Kennedy will work alongside you.

An auto accident attorney cannot make the roads safer in St. Petersburg, but after the fact, she can help make the laborious process easier. Ultimately, she makes sure your compensation is just.

Do You Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

Because it boasts a population of over 20 million (and ever growing), Florida naturally has a high percentage of collisions and other motor vehicle-related incidents. Depending on the circumstances — the severity of your crash — you might not even require an auto accident attorney. Was it a fender bender or something major? In any situation, the first order of business after an incident is to determine whether anyone in your vehicle is physically injured.

Even if your St. Petersburg accident seems inconsequential — just a scratch on the bumper — call Lisa Kennedy at K LAW, PLLC. She will know immediately if you need a lawyer or if you can handle things yourself.

Insurance Against Insurance Companies

Ms. Kennedy spent more than a dozen years as a claims adjuster for State Farm; likewise, she maintains her license to this day. What does this mean for you? She is extremely well versed in the mechanics of insurance. She knows compensation. When you have experienced an accident-related injury, you need to concentrate on healing, both physically and emotionally. K LAW, PLLC is an auto accident attorney firm that can talk to the insurance company; we will cut through the red tape and endless, confusing forms and get you that which you are entitled.

Ultimately, you will minimalize pain and suffering when you engage an auto accident attorney who has ventured behind the scenes. Certainly, you have enough to deal with, especially if you or a passenger were injured. Let Lisa A. Kennedy and the whole team here at K LAW, PLLC take the wheel of your case. Because you will always speak with an attorney — not a clerk or a paralegal — your journey will become our journey! Therefore, in matters of injury and insurance, K LAW is your St. Petersburg designated driver.

Call and consult! Lisa A. Kennedy and K LAW, PLLC will give you the edge after an accident in St. Petersburg. Call (813) 866-8600 today.