Motorcyclists and operators of motor vehicles have the same rights to Florida’s roadways. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ motto, “Share the Road,” extends to every legally licensed driver. The responsibilities are similar, too — you learn the rules, put them into practice, and always drive defensively. Unfortunately, not every car and truck driver follows the law to the letter. A motorcycle’s size and weight, along with other factors, usually renders it the loser when it goes up against a wayward vehicle on the road. When that happens, the rider needs a motorcycle accident attorney. In St. Petersburg and around the Bay area, K LAW, PLLC has a great advantage.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney AND an Insurance Pro

Before she became a practicing personal injury lawyer, Lisa A. Kennedy was a licensed, full-time Claims Adjuster for State Farm. Because it is one of the largest insurance companies in the country, State Farm, like other liability insurers, has to consider its best interests. Insurance companies purposely lay down red tape and roadblocks to frustrate you and put you off. As a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorney and former Adjuster, Lisa Kennedy cuts through the tape and run those roadblocks. As a result, you can concentrate on healing and leave the copious, confusing paperwork to us.

Of course, not every accident claim can be settled with the insurance company, clear-cut or not. If your case winds up in St. Petersburg court, Ms. Kennedy will be right by your side. Was the other driver negligent? That is an important factor in determining the extent of liability. The best motorcycle accident attorney represents you, the plaintiff, by understanding and arguing the fine points of driver negligence.

Determining the Damages

Ultimately, your attorney calculates the damages to seek by adding several factors together. Personal injury (i.e. your medical needs), pain and suffering, and the extent of vehicle damage are considered. Also, your lost earnings, since you cannot work if you are injured. Therefore, the negligent driver is liable for the wages you lost. In addition, should you be physically limited as a result of their negligence, your lawyer calculates and takes into account your diminished earning capacity going forward.

Get the facts from a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorney whose goal is to help you make the most out of an unhappy situation. Contact Lisa Kennedy and K LAW, PLLC or call us at (727) 201-8444 today. Your consultation is free!