The St. Petersburg area offers innumerable transportation options that allow you to enjoy the mild climate and sunny skies. You might choose to partake in the city’s bike share program, ride your hybrid into town, or walk to work. While there are organizations dedicated to improved education and outreach for drivers and pedestrians alike, that does not mean everyone behind the wheel respects the law or that accidents do not happen. Whether you or a loved one has experienced personal injuries or permanent damage by an automobile, truck, or motorcycle, you should contact a pedestrian injury attorney to assist you.

These events are stressful and have the potential to be physically debilitating. By passing the responsibility of seeking justice on to a legal representative in St. Petersburg, you can focus on healing yourself or supporting your family member. When you team with one of the counselors at K LAW, PLLC, you receive:

1. Knowledge of Florida Law

Far too often, individuals in Pinellas County do not approach their case in the most effective way. Without training, most people lack the valuable knowledge found in Florida’s Statutes. Our pedestrian injury attorney can help you bypass navigating the legal vernacular and, instead, focus on moving beyond the events you or a loved one experienced. Our lawyers know how to manage your case to create the most favorable outcome in St. Petersburg.

2. Research

Each case involves a significant amount of research, but not everyone in Pinellas County has the time, energy, or ability to complete this task thoroughly. By choosing to work with K LAW, PLLC, one of our staff members will handle gathering evidence, interviews, and paperwork such as insurance forms for you. Not only will these procedures be completed with expertise, but you will not have to worry about missing something or forgetting a particular form.

3. Guidance

Again, without experience, training, and certification in the state of Florida, the average person likely lacks the information needed to form the strongest case possible. A pedestrian injury attorney will guide you from start to finish, beginning with an introductory consultation and concluding with an outcome to your case in St. Petersburg.

4. Advocacy

In the face of injuries, physical therapy, or the untimely death of a family member, a lawyer is amongst your best advocates. A pedestrian injury attorney can assist with medical and liability claims, as well as act on behalf of those who have lost a loved one. As a partner or parent, you deserve time to grieve. While there is no replacing your family member, our team of legal representatives aims to ease the burden of expenses. This is a time for you to grieve and  focus on coping, not worry about finances.

5. Justice

Whether you are pedaling to work or walking to downtown St. Petersburg to check out the Indie Market, you should not have to stress about your safety. While most instances are the result of an accident, sometimes drivers of motorcycles or automobiles choose to ignore certain laws that pertain to those on foot or bicycle. Injuries and subsequent medical appointments can lead you to miss work, which means lost wages. For those who lose a loved one, you may have unexpected funeral expenses. If this is the case, our pedestrian injury attorney will fight to help you have those costs covered.

Let K LAW, PLLC’s Pedestrian Injury Attorney Help!

Your circumstances may be unfortunate, but when you access our team’s vast knowledge of Florida law, you are more likely to achieve a favorable outcome. Our firm also offers legal services for:

  • Auto and motorcycle accidents
  • Dog bite lacerations
  • Wrongful death
  • Slip and fall

Our personal injury lawyer will assist St. Petersburg residents who have been wronged by drivers. From research to guidance to advocacy, a pedestrian injury attorney at our firm will aim for justice! Contact K LAW today or call at: (727) 201-8444!