Sometimes what we do can hurt us even more than what we do not do. If you are currently involved with an auto accident attorney or if you are planning to submit a claim in Tampa you should be aware that doing certain things may harm the success of your potential lawsuit.

1. Avoid Discussing Your Case

Not everyone who calls you hopes to see you on the winning side. Insurance adjusters know how to twist their questions to corner you to negate certain facts. Defense lawyers may contact you attempting to hear statements to use against you in court. The best policy is to direct all questions and calls to your auto accident attorney. They will be glad discuss your case in a way that will not put you at risk.

2. Avoid Social Media

Remember that anything you post on the internet is accessible to anyone with Wi-Fi access including your insurance adjusters and defense lawyers. You will be better off to postpone posting to your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts during the extent of your case.  If you chose to continue posting to social media, remember that not only are you posting for your friends and family in Tampa but for your insurance adjusters and defense lawyers as well. Any photographs, videos, or statements that discredit your injury can be used against you.

3. Avoid Getting Rid of Evidence

Tired of being reminded of your tragic crash in Tampa every time you flip through your cell phone photo gallery? Do not delete it. Are the medical statements from your treatments piling? Do not shred them. Keep every bit of proof. Your case may take a long time, and you may wish to move on with your life, but save all of your evidence. Avoid the temptation to destroy it.

When dealing with insurance cases and lawsuits, the details of your life begin to matter. Think twice about what you say, post, or throw away. If you have any doubts, double check with your auto accident attorney.

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