We all know how hard it is to resist that notification ding or incoming call ring coming from our smartphones. A call, a text message, a new ‘like’ on your latest Instagram post, a new Facebook message, a re-tweet on Twitter— an endless list of possibilities. You still have a half an hour commute, and who can wait that long to find out what all of those dings are about? What your auto accident lawyer at K LAW can say, is that lack of cell phone control is exactly how countless accidents happen all over Tampa.

Talking On the Phone While Driving

Talking on your phone, even with a hands-free device, is a major distraction while driving. When you are deeply immersed in a conversation, talking business, or reciting your address to the person on the other end, your mind is not on the road. Many people tell their auto accident lawyer in Tampa that they are proficient at multitasking, but your mind does not do two things at once. Many types of brain research and focus experts will tell you that you are merely switching from one task to the other. An article in the New York Times calls it “rapid toggling between tasks.”

Text Messaging While Driving

Sending a text message —and this includes tweeting, liking, or leaving comments— is much worse than talking on the phone. Not only is your reaction time as reduced as it is when you are talking on your Bluetooth, but you also are not even looking at the road! Plenty of studies have shown that it is worse than driving drunk.

Not only is this bad common sense, texting while driving is illegal in Tampa. The law states that you cannot “operate a motor vehicle while manually typing or entering multiple letters, numbers, symbols, or other characters into a wireless communications device.”

Distracted Driving and Collisions

If you get into a crash while texting or talking on your phone, the odds are against you. Coming up with a convincing argument to use is nearly impossible, while the opposing side will easily pinpoint the fault to you. If you are hit because of another driver’s distracted driving, your auto accident lawyer can make the distraction the central argument of your demand for property damage and injury.

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