After a car collision in Tampa, an auto accident attorney should be your first call. Many people are not sure what to do on the scene after their collision and walk away, leaving all sorts of crucial evidence behind, not taking photos, and ignoring valuable witnesses. If you are not positive that you have everything in order, call K LAW, PLLC right away. We will make sure to advise you on the spot.

What Your Auto Accident Attorney Needs You to Do

While still located on-site after the accident, you can do several things to strengthen your case later on. No one wants to think about gathering evidence when dealing with a sudden flood of confusing emotions and physical pain. However, there are a few things that your auto accident attorney recommends you do on the scene that will help you in the future. What should you do when you have been in a fender bender in Tampa?

  • Take pictures. Pictures will help you remember what happened, and they can be used as solid evidence for insurance agents, the judge, and any other party involved. They will also help you to convey the details of the collision when you are consulting with your auto accident attorney.
  • Obtain the police report. The police report will state what happened, including relevant facts such as the date, time, and location, and will have necessary information from the other drivers involved.
  • Gather witnesses. Once witnesses get lost in the crowd, there is no getting them back. If there are bystanders, eyewitnesses, or other drivers around, makes sure to ask them for their contact information. If you miss this opportunity, there may be no way to locate them later.
  • Seek treatment. If you are physically hurt, seek treatment right away. Your health and safety should be the first priority. Make sure to keep all of your medical documents and records to use as evidence testifying to the severity of the collision.

What Your Auto Accident Attorney Will Do For You

After the crash occurs, your auto accident attorney will do everything possible for you so that you can focus on your recovery. Every case is different in Tampa as far as the details go, so we will work closely with you to determine the general outline of your case and how we can help you receive compensation. In general, we will help you with:

  • Your car rental. We can help you find the right temporary transportation and assist you in the search for the right place to get vehicle repairs, if necessary.
  • Treatments. If you need specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other treatment for your injuries, we will help you find the best available professionals in Tampa.
  • Insurance. We will deal with insurance adjusters, the defense auto accident attorney, and other third parties so that you will not need to.
  • Filing claims. We will take care of the process of making medical claims and dealing with your physicians.
  • Submitting paperwork. We will file your case and keep you posted as updates happen during the proceedings in Tampa.
  • Claiming lost wages. If your injuries are going to require you to miss work, we will help you file for lost wages, and if you are suffering from long-term or permanent injuries, we will try to secure future earnings in the process of your suit.
  • Negotiations. We will get involved with the negotiations to make sure that you get a fair settlement that satisfies you.

Your auto accident attorney will help you through the many steps of the process so you can focus your energy on getting your health back. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, we can promise that we will work tirelessly to assist you in the pursuit of compensation for your pain and suffering caused by the incident in Tampa.

Call Your Auto Accident Attorney at K LAW, PLLC Right Away!

No one expects to have their life interrupted on a regular day in Tampa. However, it does happen, and if it happens to you, your auto accident attorney at K LAW, PLLC can help you work through the process of getting your life and your health back to normal. All you have to do is give us a call at (813) 866-8600 to discuss your case and start the claims process today. Remember that there are time limits for how long you have to file your case, thanks to Florida’s Personal Injury Protection law, so do not delay!