Knowing where to go when someone inflicts harm on you in Tampa can be unclear— a personal injury lawyer at K LAW, PLLC is a safe place to run. You can discuss your case, ask questions, and get legal counsel knowing that we respect your privacy and operate with discretion. Anything that you disclose to us will be held in confidentiality.

If you are unsure whether taking legal action in your particular situation will benefit you or whether you have a chance, our attorneys will be able to assess your situation and give you their professional opinion.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Deal With?

A personal injury lawyer deals with the harm done to the mind, body, or emotions of a person as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence. In Tampa, as civilized citizens, everyone is required to be reasonable in how they treat the people around them. The law places a certain amount of legal duty to act with diligence, skill, and care to protect others from harm. When they choose to neglect their responsibility, or decide to hurt you willingly, they can be legally responsible for the grievances you suffer.

Terms to know when filing your case include:

  • Tortfeasor– this is the person or entity in Tampa that has caused you harm. The tortfeasor is the defendant in a case and will be responsible for your injuries.
  • Plaintiff– this is you, the person who suffered as a result of the action or inaction of the defendant.

The Main Elements of Proof

For assurance that the tortfeasor neglected their responsibility towards you and caused you harm, your personal injury lawyer in Tampa must prove:

  • Duty. The law or legal obligation that the defendant neglected.
  • Breach. The breach that happened because the tortfeasor did not conform to the law.
  • Causation. The causation, or how the defendant’s breach caused your injury.
  • Damages. The damages that resulted because of the defendant’s neglect including emotional, mental, or physical harm or loss.

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