If you’ve been in an accident, you’ll need the best personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg. Therefore, K LAW – a.k.a. Lisa A. Kennedy – should be on your team. With a decade of experience as a claims adjuster for State Farm, Ms. Kennedy is intimately familiar with the ins, outs and intricacies of the insurance business. Navigating insurance can be exceedingly tricky. And K LAW can be your bridge over those troubled waters. “Because of my experience on that side of the table, I understand the insurance terminology, and the internal processes,” she says. “That’s a huge advantage in getting something accomplished for my clients.”

In other words, Lisa Kennedy walks the walk and talks the talk – so you don’t have to. “The claim processes might be set up from the standpoint of what works best for the insurance company, not necessarily what works best for the policy holder,” she explains. Specifically: “Many times people will get frustrated by that part of the experience. They’re trying to get their life back on track; they’ve suffered injuries or damage to their car, they’re trying to get back to work, trying to get the kids to school. And they just want answers about what’s going on.”

Life, Family and St. Petersburg

Lisa Kennedy grew up in Avon Park, in the south-central part of the state. She graduated from Florida State University, and received her law degree from Florida A&M.

With offices in St. Petersburg and Tampa, KLAW is a boutique firm. Kennedy once worked for a large, multi-lawyer company in Orlando, and ultimately decided that she preferred the personal touch. She believes that growth “is a good thing for us, but I still want to be involved in every case, meet and talk with every client.” Of course, this part of the K Law mission statement, to help each person, individually, with their case the best way possible.

Lisa, her husband, Tom, their two daughters and their English bulldog reside in St. Petersburg.; correspondingly the city’s best personal injury attorney is proud to be a part of the adopted community she loves. “Starting from scratch was by far the most difficult way to do things,” Kennedy adds, “but it’s also proven very valuable. It’s my blood, sweat and tears. We really built this to benefit people as much as possible.”

Headed to court? Bring the Best Personal Injury Attorney

Of course, not every case can be satisfactorily settled with the insurance company. Nationally, approximately 30 percent of personal injury disputes go to court. Again, you want the best personal injury attorney to fight for you, whether you’re in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando or somewhere in between. And K LAW’s got you covered there, too. To clarify: She has what it takes to get the goods.

A voracious reader who keeps abreast of medical breakthroughs, as well as legal and insurance issues and procedures, Kennedy is likewise constantly attending seminars – to absorb, of course, as much as she can. “I’m a strong speaker,” she says, “and I can explain the legal, medical and insurance aspect to a jury of six people that might be called upon. It’s giving the members of the jury the information they need to get the best possible result.”

K LAW is uniquely qualified to apply her expertise to auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents; as well as slip and fall accidents, dog bite injuries, wrongful death cases and more.

Meanwhile, in order to be the best personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg, Kennedy has maintained her insurance adjustor’s license. “I tell you how you can make sure you’re the most informed and prepared,” she explains in summary. “God forbid something terrible happens in the future.”

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