Whether your bumper was tapped on Kennedy Boulevard or a more serious incident occurred on I-275, quick action will serve you in Tampa after you have been involved in a collision. Our car accident lawyer has a checklist for how to respond after an incident occurs.

Call Law Enforcement

By phoning law enforcement officials, you lay claim to your case and get a formal report on record. Some Hillsborough County residents may skip this step because their registration is overdue or their license is expired, but these fines are minuscule in the face of legal allegations. Bolster your claim or your defense by contacting law enforcement.

Get Medical Assistance

If anyone appears to be hurt, reach out to paramedics for assistance right away. Not all injuries present themselves at first, so a check-up with your general practitioner or local chiropractor can be to your benefit for health and insurance purposes. Be sure to hold onto any medical bills from the treatment you receive in Tampa following the incident.

Gather Evidence and Witness Information

Car accident lawyers in Central Florida will build stronger cases if they have adequate evidence. Since they are not there when the collision occurs in Tampa, it is up to you to obtain photographs and camera phone footage, as well as the name, address, and insurance information of the other driver. You will also want to get their license and vehicle plate numbers. Witness statements can be of help, as well, in Hillsborough County. Assist your car accident lawyer ahead of time by gathering ample intel.

Write Out Detailed Description of Events

Memory is not particularly reliable, so we urge our clients to compose a detailed description of the collision they experienced. If you are unable to write, ask someone you trust to help you with composition. You can dictate the events, and they can record them. If you are more comfortable with a legal representative conducting this procedure, call a car accident lawyer.

Contact Insurance

To address damages accrued while driving in Tampa Bay, start by contacting your insurance provider. They will want information similar to that listed above, so you are already prepared to file a claim with them!

Seek Out Legal Representation

Sometimes, an at-fault party will evade charges. When you need additional advocacy, reach out to litigators in the Bay area. Their knowledge of Florida Statutes and expert representation can make the difference in the outcome of your collision case.

Team with K Law’s Car Accident Lawyer

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Strengthen your claim or your defense by teaming with one of our car accident lawyers. Contact K LAW or call (813) 866-8600 to start the process.