Getting injured on the road is a nightmare in St. Petersburg, but unfortunately, every day countless people face this misfortune. However, the best way to avoid panic if it should happen to you is to have a car accident lawyer you can trust. Having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney you can call right away will relieve you of many burdens before you need to deal with them. The team at K LAW, PLLC will support you after a vehicle collision in myriad ways.

What Matters in a Collision Case?

How many steps re required after your collision directly depends on the type of case in St. Petersburg. Things that will make a difference for your car accident lawyer will include:

  • How seriously were you injured?
  • Who was a fault in the collision, and what percentage falls on you?
  • How many people were involved in the crash, and how many drivers?
  • Were there any commercial vehicles?
  • Was there any property damage? If so, how much?
  • How did the collision happen?
  • Were there pedestrians/bikers/motorcyclists involved?

Your car accident lawyer will gather as much information as possible from you to assess your case. This will help us figure out how to best move forward. When discussing what happened, it is highly recommended to have as much information as possible on hand. The more information you have, the better we can understand what happened in St. Petersburg and how to move forward. We will also use what you have as proof or evidence, which is valuable for insurance companies and the judge if we need to take your case to court.

What Will My Car Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

Having a skilled car accident lawyer is not just about handling legal matters correctly. It is also about taking a load off your back in St. Petersburg. In the wake of a collision, you will face many issues that will need to be taken care of as you work on recovering from your injuries, figuring out how to deal with transportation while your vehicle is damaged, and dealing with insurance agents. We help you with as many things as possible so you can focus on taking care of your recovery. Here is what you may expect from us:

Medical Care

Getting the right treatment should be your priority after a collision. Who you will need to see depends on your injuries. If you require specialists, chiropractors, or physical therapists that you have not required in the past, we can recommend the best available treatment centers in St. Petersburg. It is hard to figure out who you can trust and which clinics will take your insurance when you are dealing with bodily pain. Therefore, let your car accident lawyer do that for you.


Whether it was totaled or needs repairs, we can help you find a competent shop for repairs, tow it to the specified location, and even help you get the rental car you need while things are settled.

Third Parties

We will talk to and negotiate with insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, and any other third parties who are part of the case in St. Petersburg.

File Your Case

We will file your case and take care of most of the paperwork after our initial consultation. Your car accident lawyer will try to get as much of the work done as possible for you while keeping you updated as your case progresses.

Our goal is to help you so that you can focus on getting your life and health back. In addition, we want to keep you informed and in the loop at all times, because being in the dark only makes things more complicated and frustrating.

Call K LAW, PLLC As Soon As Possible After Your Collision

Many pieces of your life will need to be put back into place after your crash in St. Petersburg. For this reason, the sooner you contact your car accident lawyer, the easier it is to track down the necessary information. Give the team at K LAW, PLLC a call as soon as you can at (813) 866-8600. We can analyze your case and start working for you today. Your first consultation is free, so do not hesitate to get in touch.