Tampa residents protecting themselves in situations involving insurance and potential litigation require proper professional guidance. A hit and run attorney from K LAW, PLLC can ensure you do not miss out on valuable factors for compensation. After a collision, there can be dozens of factors affecting the outcome or your options. Different states and cities typically have varying laws when it comes to leaving the scene of an accident. In most states, including Florida, the act is not a misdemeanor, but a felony, depending on the circumstances. Leaving an individual at the scene who suffered any injury means facing upwards of five years in prison.

While you may believe that hit and runs are rare, over 25% of collisions involve a driver fleeing the scene. Sometimes drivers think they are not at fault and drive away or they lack proper insurance and do not want to risk the litigation. The best way to ensure you are protected is to hire a hit and run attorney with the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. Ensuring your get proper advice for compensation and avoid falling into unwanted legal loopholes are possible with the help of an experienced lawyer at K LAW, PLLC.

Types of Hit and Run Situations

Every car accident in Tampa is different, but for the most part, you can divide the types of incidents into two major categories: pedestrian and vehicular accidents. A significant problem with serious injuries is that you will not have the time to process vital information and document evidence. With help from a hit and run attorney, drivers and pedestrians no longer have to worry about spending days studying current laws. In the long run, attempting to process a claim by yourself is typically detrimental to a positive outcome. Judges and courts expect a certain level of knowledge and experience when arguing a case.

What Protection does a Hit and Run Attorney Provide?

Sometimes, after an accident, the confused drivers may leave the scene under the guise of some other emergency. The biggest mistake a driver can make is taking another’s word that they will file a claim later and correctly detail the situation. If you have done this, then the best next course of action is to submit a police report and contact a hit and run attorney. At the time, individuals may provide false information and contact law enforcement to report that you ran away from the scene. Tampa drivers and residents are better off relying on legal professionals to protect them from prosecution. There is also a significant difference between dealing with scammers and commercial drivers that can make your case more difficult. Without a hit and run attorney, scammer and commercial drivers will often have the advantages of:

  • Significant legal protection
  • Plans to handle litigation
  • More experience

Significant Legal Protection

Even if they are most likely at-fault, the other party may have legal professionals who can properly defend them. Often, unless another party is able to document their plates, individuals will get away. This leaves Tampa residents at the mercy of their insurance company.

Plans to Handle Litigation

If you are dealing with a commercial driver, then there are rules and processes in place to try to mitigate losses. Tampa drivers may offer a certain amount as compensation that they know is much less than what you are owed. This is because you often cannot gain more money after accepting any form of payment. A hit and run attorney can stop you from falling for common mitigation techniques such as lying about what compensation you can receive.

More Experience

Tampa commercial drivers and scammers will also have more experience. Forgoing adequate legal protection means putting yourself at a massive disadvantage. There are plenty of cases where not having proper guidance results in an unfavorable outcome. Studies have found that individuals are more than thirty times less likely to succeed in court if they do not have professional legal help.

Protect Your Claim with K LAW, PLLC

Tampa pedestrians and drivers do not need to combat insurance companies by themselves. K LAW, PLLC can afford you peace of mind and positive results instead of a long, drawn-out case. You can contact a hit and run attorney by calling (813) 866-8600 or contacting us online today.