Legally, bicyclists have the right to share the roads in St. Petersburg with motor vehicles. The unfortunate truth, however, is that cars and trucks have weight, size, and velocity on their side. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 800 bicyclists are killed each year on our country’s roads, with an estimated 48,000 injuries. When this happens to you, the services of a bicycle accident attorney are essential to your case. Lisa Kennedy of K LAW, PLLC will analyze your case down to the tiniest detail, consider everything, and fight for just compensation. Whether your case is settled with the insurance company or goes to court, we come prepared. Our personal injury firm lends the personal touch to auto, motorcycle, and bicycle accident victims.

K LAW, PLLC — The One to Call in St. Petersburg

Lisa A. Kennedy spent 13 years as a claims adjuster with one of the largest insurance companies in the country. Consequently, she knows every rule, regulation, and form they can throw in your path. K LAW, PLLC is perhaps the only firm with a bicycle accident attorney in St. Petersburg with this unique resume and important skill. Determining a compensation amount is based on certain factors, including fault; were you, the bicyclist, riding erratically, or were you not obeying the rules of the road? The burden, ultimately, is on you to prove that you were not at fault. As your legal representative, Lisa Kennedy knows the best ways to counter the opposition’s claims. Sometimes they try to wear you down with seemingly endless questions and paperwork to fill out. The insurance company will jump through hoops to avoid compensating you, but together, we will fight back.

Do This Before You Consult with a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Safety advocates recommend that all bicyclists wear helmets, follow the established and legal rules of the road, and above all, ride defensively. Expect motor vehicle drivers not to see you, or if they do, ignore you altogether. Don’t shrug off any injuries you might have sustained — your first order of business is to seek immediate medical attention in St. Petersburg. Sometimes, internal injuries don’t make themselves known immediately. Before you see a bicycle accident attorney, see a doctor.

Similarly, if you are able, it’s important that you secure any witnesses of the accident. If possible, take pictures of the scene, or ask your witnesses to do so. Be sure to get their contact information. You’ll need as much evidence as possible to bring to K LAW, PLLC, your invaluable bicycle accident attorney.

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