Walking around in St. Petersburg at night puts you in as much risk of a car accident as driving does. If you were injured while on foot, a pedestrian accident attorney could help you. Nevertheless, we hope that you take every precaution to be safe while walking around in the evening.

Remember the Driver’s Low Visibility

Thousands of pedestrians become victims while on foot during hours of low visibility in St. Petersburg. No one thinks it can happen to them until it does, which is why we want to remind you to remember to put yourself in the driver’s seat when walking at night.

Don’t just think about yourself. Take a look in the mirror before going out of your house at night and think: “Am I visible enough to drivers and cyclists?”. One moment of consideration can save your life.

Remember Your Reflective Gear

If you are a pedestrian, wear reflective gear. A driver can face many distractions on the road —cars honking, emergency vehicles passing— and simply not see the dark shadow, which is how you look when wearing dark clothing. Often pedestrians forget that they may be virtually impossible to see because they happen to be wearing dark clothing or crossing the road in a place where a driver least expects them.

In the case of an accident, a pedestrian accident attorney analyzes all of the factors involved, and clothing is one of them. Wearing reflective clothing allows drivers to notice you and if the worst is unavoidable, wearing reflective gear helps your pedestrian accident attorney strengthen your defense in case of an accident in St. Petersburg.

There are many options of reflective gear on the market today including:

  • Shirts and pants
  • Vests
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Clip on lights

Adding even the smallest amount of reflection to your attire can be all it takes to get noticed in the dark.

Call a Pedestrian Accident Attorney if You Are Injured

No matter how proactive and cautious you are, or how bright your reflective gear is— the unexpected occurs. If you were hurt while walking in St. Petersburg, contact a pedestrian accident attorney right away or call at (727) 201-8444 to discuss your case.