If you have been involved in a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim in the St. Petersburg area, you may be curious as to how much your case could be worth. It is difficult to predict the outcome accurately in terms of a dollar figure due to the many unique factors in any given incident, but a motorcycle accident attorney can help navigate these convoluted waters. In the meantime, we will discuss some of the main considerations when attempting to value a case so you can have some idea what to expect.

Overcoming Prejudice Against Motorcyclists

Personal bias should not play a role in compensating an injured rider. Unfortunately, however, preconceived judgments are an inescapable reality. Because many people distrust motorcyclists, juries may be less inclined to award reasonable verdicts. Insurance adjusters are aware of this and may shift their settlement offer accordingly. Thanks to sneaky adjusters, the burden of making a solid case becomes even more important for injured cyclists. This is why it is imperative that you retain the services of a motorcycle accident attorney from the St. Petersburg area.

The Likelihood the Defendant Will Be Found Liable

Another factor your motorcycle accident attorney will consider when gauging the value of your case is the possibility of the defendant being found guilty at trial for the traffic accident. If the plaintiff has little or no evidence proving the defendant was at fault, the value of the case goes down considerably. A defendant will be less likely to settle and more inclined to take their chances at trial when fault is in question.

The Amount of Available Insurance

If the defendant has few assets, the settlement will usually not exceed the liability limits of the defendant’s insurance. This does happen at times, but usually, this means the plaintiff will be unable to collect the full amount. In the end, this leads to them settling for the amount equal to the insurance coverage limits, even if the damages are higher and easy to prove.

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