Sometimes the circumstances surrounding certain cases can be harrowing. Our wrongful death attorney works alongside family members, loved ones, and dear friends in St. Petersburg to make sure justice is served. Such instances can be hard to deal with, and emotions can cloud perspective, judgment, and more. If you have lost somebody and a third party is responsible, contact our firm for assistance.

Accidents or Injuries

The results of an auto accident in Pinellas County can be disastrous. These situations become even more difficult to process if lives are lost, especially if another party is at fault. Some relatives get very upset with the person who struck their child or spouse while driving drunk, but this negativity will not serve you like pressing charges can. The same goes for instances that involve reckless driving. Alcohol may not be involved, but that does not change that someone lost their life because another St. Petersburg resident was not driving responsibly. Whatever the events, our wrongful death attorney can assist you.

Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

Nursing homes and similar establishments can be helpful to those who do not live nearby or who cannot look after their family member as closely as they would like in St. Petersburg. However, negligent caretakers or abusive staff members can put clients at risk. If an early demise results from a caretaker’s ignorance or intentional actions, contact a lawyer for input on how to move forward. Your mother or father deserved to maintain their dignity, as well as their livelihood. Seek justice to preserve their memory by hiring a wrongful death attorney.

Medical Malpractice

Too frequently, malpractice in a medical facility leads to an untimely demise. Between surgical errors and misdiagnoses, the opportunities for mistakes abound. Prescribed treatments can turn ugly if a doctor has failed to diagnose a condition. These cases are frustrating because Pinellas County individuals think they are getting help for their family member, but they end up losing one.

Defective Products

All too often, a wrongful death attorney is called into action due to defective products. Whether the ignition switch of an automobile proves faulty or a prescription proves to have unwelcome side effects that were not listed on the warning label, you can press charges.

Contact K Law’s Wrongful Death Attorney

At K Law, we specialize in representing cases that involve accidents and injuries. Our team of lawyers is dedicated to assisting those in St. Petersburg who need legal input on accidents like:

As personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, we aim to seek compensation for expenses like medical bills or funeral costs. We know that recovering losses will not change the circumstances, but we do believe in fighting for a favorable outcome that achieves justice in St. Petersburg. Contact K LAW or call (727) 201-8444 to learn more.