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Consulting an Accident Injury Attorney After a Vehicle Collision

If you were in an accident in Tampa that ended in personal injuries or monetary losses, then you are likely looking to hire an accident injury attorney. Many others have been in this situation and seek out the professional assistance of a lawyer because they understand how to help clients get the compensation they deserve. [...]

Speak with Your Accident Injury Attorney After an Accident

Many people panic after getting into an accident in Bradenton. They immediately jump to calling people like their insurance company to deal with the situation. However, take caution and pause to reflect before calling your insurance company. Instead, talk to your accident injury attorney about the incident and take their advice as to how to [...]

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What Counts as Negligence to an Accident Injury Attorney?

One of the first things your St. Petersburg accident injury attorney will ask you after you have been in a car wreck is, “Who was at fault?” Once it has been determined who caused the accident, your lawyer will then begin to determine what level of error occurred. There are four common law levels of fault including [...]