The best personal injury attorney in Tampa has an extensive background in the insurance industry; this, therefore, could mean the difference between satisfaction and settling for less if you’re in an accident. Lisa A. Kennedy of K LAW, PLLC spent more than a decade as a claims adjuster for State Farm, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States; as such, she learned the ins and outs of the industry and its red tape tactics. She knows first-hand the things insurance companies in Tampa will do to get you to accept lower compensation – or none at all.

“That background,” she says, “is an important part of what I do. It helps my clients understand a little more about it. But also take it off their plates so they don’t have to deal with all of those things. They rely on my expertise to deal with the insurance companies so; they can solely focus on getting better, and getting the medical care that their doctors are recommending.”

Let your injury be in the hands of the best personal injury attorney.

Navigating Insurance Company Roadblocks in Tampa

Auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, pedestrian accidents – any injury resulting from someone else’s negligence are in the wheelhouse for the best personal injury attorney. For Tampa residents, Lisa Kennedy is there not only to get what’s right for you but to keep your frustration level manageable. “What I’ve found through my experience, both from working with State Farm and from working on this side of the table, accident victims are filtered through call claims departments. Or call centers where they end up on hold for lengthy periods of time. Or they’re told the adjuster can’t do anything for them. Faced with that hurdle, many people may walk away from a legally valid claim because they don’t know how to take it any further than that.”

Lisa Kennedy does. And she will.

The Best Personal Injury Attorney, Fighting for You

Should the case go all the way to court, K LAW can mediate and litigate in Tampa, until she gets the right answer. Which should never be “no.” As for the job, “I’m good at it because I understand every aspect. Also, I empathize and sympathize with the individual that’s been hurt. I understand it from the insurance company’s perspective. So I know what they need to hear, to pay the best possible result to the injured party.”

Kennedy’s also well-versed in the medical aspect of personal injury law. “I’ve been trained, in those years in insurance and beyond, to understand the injury. What the doctors are assessing, and the significance of that injury. What does that mean for my client in the future – and what is it going to take to get them better?”

K LAW will not accept a fee unless she wins your case. Contact K LAW – the best personal injury attorney today for a free consultation – (813) 866-8600!