For your personal injury lawyer to understand your injuries and prove that you were not at fault in the St. Petersburg court room, you are advised to see a physician as soon as possible. Do not delay going to a doctor— the longer you wait, the more valuable evidence is lost. However, that is far from the only reason to get treatment— your health may be a risk!

Finding the best physician for the type of injury incurred can be a challenge within itself, especially if the grievance requires a specialist.

What Specialist Should You Go To?

It is always a good first step to see your primary care doctor in St. Petersburg who can give you a general overview and refer you to a specialist. A general overview may help your personal injury lawyer gauge your physical state and help you with your next step.

Here are three specialists to consider:


If the harm done to you affected your musculoskeletal system or if you were in a vehicle accident, a chiropractor in St. Petersburg will be able to run x-rays, scans, examine your body, and give a professional diagnosis about your physical status. Chiropractors are capable of spotting a variety of disorders that are related to general health. Their opinion is worthwhile for any injuries related to the muscular, nervous, or skeletal systems.


If you are suffering as a result of damage to your head, brain, spinal cord, or nervous system, a neurologist will be the specialist to help you understand what is going on. These types of injuries can be very complicated and a detailed medical report can help your personal injury lawyer build your defense.


When foot or ankle grievances happen, a podiatrist is a specialist that deals with this area of the body. Podiatrists perform surgeries, help patients with various corrective procedures or devices, and refer patients to a physical therapist if the grievance can be adjusted non-invasively.

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