Like any other collision, one that happens to you while biking can be dangerous and costly, perhaps even more so than one in an automobile. A bicycle accident attorney can be your greatest asset if you want to successfully make a personal injury claim. After you have been through an event as traumatic as an accident, you may not know where to turn first. The lawyers at K LAW, PLLC are ready to guide you through proper legal recourse and help you obtain a settlement equal to the damages you have suffered. If you have been the victim of a bicycle accident in St. Petersburg, contact us today to discuss the right road to recovery for you.

How a Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover

If you are the victim of a collision, your lawyer in St. Petersburg is here to help you find the best course of recovery. From finding appropriate medical care to handling all the necessary legal paperwork, your lawyer can make all the difference in your state of mind while handling your case. The following are several of the ways that a bicycle accident attorney can help you:

Stress and Time Management

After a collision in St. Petersburg, the hardest things to manage can be your time, as well as stress levels. A lawyer can help alleviate both of these problems; by taking over the bulk of your legal dealings, your lawyer frees up more time for you to organize other aspects of your recovery process. As professionals guiding you through your case, you can trust that we are fighting for the best outcome. Without the pressure of organizing your case, you will not have to carry that burden and instead can fully dedicate your time to healing and returning to work.

Legal Representation

Your bicycle accident attorney is well-versed in the courtroom. While this may be your first time taking legal action after a crash, we understand what makes a successful case and can help build yours with the appropriate information. A substantial element of legal representation involves coming to an agreed-upon settlement amount. Your settlement can usually be determined by the injuries and damages you suffered. However, many times, the other party involved will try to offer you less than the amount you deserve. We are here to make sure that you get the full amount you are entitled to, as well as ensure that you will not feel pressured to settle for less.

Finding Medical Care

In the event that you were injured in the collision, your bicycle accident attorney can also assist you in finding appropriate medical care. After an initial emergency room visit, we can help to connect you with a doctor practicing in your required specialty. Your lawyer in St. Petersburg may also be able to help you obtain coverage or reimbursement for any medical bills you receive. Contact us today to discuss more of the ways we can help you after a bicycle accident.

Other Areas of Personal Injury We Represent

In addition to being one of the area’s top bicycle accident attorney firms, we also offer a broad range of services to represent you legally. K LAW, PLLC is one of the St. Petersburg area’s leading personal injury law firms. Opened in 2014, we work tirelessly every day to provide a more hands-on approach to defending our clients. Some of the other legal areas we can help with include:

  • Boating collisions
  • Dog bite incidents
  • Auto collisions
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Pedestrian collisions

Contact our office today to learn more about any of the areas we practice in.

Trust K LAW, PLLC for Legal Aid in St. Petersburg

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