So, you find yourself in an accident due to another person’s negligence, wrongful conduct or irresponsible actions – do you know your legal rights? Many people don’t, and therefore they do not aggressively pursue the financial compensation to which they are entitled. Never suffer in silence! K LAW, PLLC is a St. Petersburg personal injury attorney with a proven track record of seeking and obtaining justice – whatever the circumstances. Along with pain and suffering (both physical and psychological), a personal injury claim covers wages lost during your recovery.  Depending on the percentage of guilt decided upon, the defendant needs to pay your medical expenses. These rules of tort (civil) law can be difficult to understand, and even harder to implement – and that’s when K LAW becomes the most significant player on your team. 

An Up-Close and Personal Injury Attorney

Lisa A. Kennedy (K LAW) is a native Floridian who gives every case the personal, one-on-one attention and focus it deserves. Hers is a boutique St. Petersburg firm. Her cozy office isn’t jammed wall to wall with lawyers. Therefore, you’ll deal with K LAW herself, not the fast-talking, clock-watching reps of some impersonal 99th-floor firm. She’ll get to know you, and soon will understand every facet of your case.

The Insider Advantage in St. Petersburg

She’s also a personal injury attorney with a distinct advantage over all others. For 13 years, Ms. Kennedy worked for State Farm Insurance as a claims adjuster. She knows their tricks. She knows how the insurance industry prefers to deal with personal injury attorney needs. To summarize: She speaks their language. Therefore, there’s no lawyer better equipped to negotiate a settlement of compensatory damages, quickly and painlessly. And to the advantage of you, the injured party. Hurt in a St. Petersburg automobile accident  or a slip and fall? Concentrate on healing and let K LAW take care of the rest.

Can’t Agree on a Settlement? See You in Court

Of course, not all claims get settled to everyone’s satisfaction. Should your St. Petersburg case go to court, K LAW is the personal injury attorney you want in your corner. From deposing witnesses to turning medical-speak into the language a jury understands, she comes into the ring prepared. When you testify, you’ll be more than ready. Ultimately, whether your injury was the result of another person (or persons), a government agency, a large or small business or even your place of employment, Ms. Kennedy will prepare and launch the fight – and she’s in it to win it. K LAW will not accept a fee unless she wins your case. Contact or call today for a free consultation at (727) 201-8444!