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Two Important Reasons to Hire a Hit and Run Lawyer in Tampa

Hiring a hit and run lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of the accident and your court case. Any auto accident can be a challenging experience, but when the at-fault party flees the scene, it can make matters a lot more complicated. By hiring the help of the attorneys at K LAW, [...]

Auto Accident Attorney: How to Protect Yourself Against Distracted Driving

As an auto accident attorney firm in Bradenton, we see many clients come to us after being the victim of a distracted driving incident. Even though it is illegal in many states, people still text while operating a vehicle. However, distracted driving doesn't just apply to texting. The law doesn’t ban drivers from applying makeup while [...]

You’re Losing Money by Not Using an Auto Accident Attorney

Automobile accidents happen every single day, especially in Bradenton. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, there are 370,000 car crashes on average in a given year. Transportation data shows that the highest contributors to auto accidents are: Driving under the influence Speeding Following too close Failing to yield Distracted driving It’s smart to be [...]

Auto Accident Attorney: Helping You Understand Personal Injury Protection

As a state that sees a lot of car accidents, Florida offers Personal Injury Protection laws. An auto accident attorney can help you understand the ins and outs of Personal Injury Protection laws and how it applies to your Bradenton car accident. What Is Personal Injury Protection? Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is commonly known as [...]

Finding the Right Auto Accident Attorney: A How-To Guide

Motor vehicle crashes and incidents happen every day in St. Petersburg. In fact, the Tampa Bay area sees some of the highest numbers of collisions and fender benders on a daily basis; according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, during 2016, there were 395,758 traffic crashes in the State of Florida. [...]

When is an Auto Accident Attorney Necessary?

With well over 17 million licensed drivers on Florida roads, the odds of being involved in an accident at some point or other are not in our favor. In fact, 2016 saw nearly 400,000 car crashes! Furthermore, the state reported approximately 3,000 fatalities. Unfortunately, numbers like these are only going to increase with Florida's consistent [...]

Searching for a St. Petersburg Auto Accident Attorney?

The Florida Highway Strategic Plan addresses safety issues on our roads. Implemented by the Florida Department of Transportation, the 2016 plan encompasses statistics, historical information, and ideas for the future, from a multitude of safety-minded metropolitan planning organizations. The goal: fatality-free Florida thoroughfares. It is an idealistic vision, perhaps, and we all know that we [...]

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What to Bring to Your Auto Accident Attorney Consultation

If you are in a car accident, you have likely decided to retain the services of an auto accident attorney. While you may have been in a fender bender before, if you have never consulted with a lawyer, you may be wondering what to bring with you to your meeting in St. Petersburg. Never fear! K [...]

When to Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be facing many troubles. If you suffered any injuries, you likely have medical bills to take care of. Depending on if your vehicle was damaged, you may have repairs to worry about. Dealing with insurance companies is not something most people look forward to, [...]

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Should You Seek an Auto Accident Attorney?

No matter the circumstances surrounding a vehicle collision in Tampa, you should consider hiring an auto accident attorney. Not everyone considers this service in the face of a totaled SUV or a shattered femur, but do not overlook legal assistance. If you are unsure about utilizing a lawyer, consider the ins and outs of the [...]

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